SWIRE Data Quick Search Help

The Spitzer Wide-area InfraRed Extragalactic Survey (SWIRE) will cover six distinct areas. The allsky map on the SWIRE front page shows 'footprints' of the data currently available through Atlas for each field. The names of the the fields are next to each footprint as a visual aid.

The 'Quick Search' option allows you to click on a field name to execute a search for the SWIRE datasets available for that entire field. The search is setup with default 'Size' and 'Source Radius' parameters set to 7.1 deg. Each field has a center position which is listed in the table below. For further information on any of the six SWIRE fields, click here.

In using the 'Quick Search' option, the Atlas SWIRE search form is ignored. If you are interested in any of the fields and would like to use your own 'Size' criteria for the seach, you can use the coordinates listed below to fill out the seach form on the Atlas SWIRE data search page.

SWIRE Field Name Released Images Galactic Latitude Galactic Longitude Area (deg²)
ELAIS N1 Spring '05 83.91782 +44.87411 9.3
ELAIS N2 Spring '05 65.0116 42.1787 4.5
ELAIS S1 No 313.71780 -73.29177 14.8
XMM-LSS Spring '05 170.8688 -59.2605 9.3
Chandra-S No 224.68070 -53.99239 7.2
Lockman Spring '05 149.7686 52.0315 14.8

For more information about SWIRE and ELAIS, please see the SWIRE project page, and the European Large-Area ISO Survey (ELAIS) site.