SpUDS MIPS Catalog

SpUDS Overview

Spitzer Public Legacy Survey of the UKIDSS Ultra Deep Survey (SpUDS) is a survey of the ~1 square degree UKIDSS Ultra Deep Survey (UDS). The survey consists of deep IRAC and 24 micron MIPS observations. The UDS is the largest deep near-infrared (JHK) survey in existence, and the first capable of sampling representative cosmological volumes (100x100 Mpc) out to the highest redshifts (z>6).

SpUDS MIPS Catalog Column Descriptions

IRSA serves the SpUDS MIPS Catalog (10 columns, 5,161 data rows).

Name Intype Units Description
name char Name
ra double deg Right Ascension (J2000)
dec double deg Declination (J2000)
unc_ra double arcsec Uncertainty in RA
unc_dec double arcsec Uncertainty in Dec
flux_ap_24 double uJy Flux in 7.5" aperture at MIPS 24 microns
uncf_ap_24 double uJy Uncertainty in flux_ap_24
snr_24 double S/N
star_24 double Stellarity Index
flag_24 int Flag from SExtractor