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Downloading, Installing, and Running

Downloading and Installing

  • Unpack the package:
    tar xvfz irsfringe_v1.1.tar.gz
  • You will need to have IDL installed and the IDL_DIR and IDL_PATH environment variables defined. For example, if you untarred the package in the directory /home/joe/irsfringe_v1.1:
    setenv IDL_DIR /COTS/idl/idl_5.6 
    setenv IDL_PATH /COTS/idl/idl_5.6/lib:+/home/joe/irsfringe_v1.1/IRSFRINGE
  • Create an alias for IRSFRINGE. For example, if you untarred the package in the directory /home/joe/irsfringe_v1.1:
     alias irsfringe '/home/joe/irsfringe_v1.1/IRSFRINGE' 


  • Start the IRSFRINGE IDL tool by typing the following alias command in the running directory:
  • Read in the IRS product, for example, "SPITZER_S3_5638912_17_1_E173247_tune.tbl", stored in the "data/" sub-directory. Note that IRSFRINGE can only be used on the IRS products that come out of the extraction (post-BCD) pipeline, namely those with the filename suffix spect.tbl, spect2.tbl, or tune.tbl (see Archive Pipeline Products for IRS).
    IDL> irs=ipac2irs('data/SPITZER_S3_5638912_17_1_E173247_tune.tbl')
  • Defringe spectrum of echelle order 18:
    IDL> irsd=irsfringe(irs,order=18)
  • By default, IRSFRINGE removes both the main and second fringe components. To remove only the main fringe component:
    IDL> irsd=irsfringe(irs,order=18,/first)
  • To remove only the second fringe component:
    IDL> irsd=irsfringe(irs,order=18,/second)
  • To run the same IRSFRINGE session and start the GUI:
    IDL> irsd=irsfringe(irs,order=18,/GUI)