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IRAC High Precision Photometry

This is an investigation of the actual precision reached for published, single epoch, IRAC observations.  Plots are normalized at a binning size of 1.  The dashed black line is photon noise limited.  The dashed grey line is 2 (1.5) times the photon noise limit for ch1 (2).  The third plot is a zoom in on ch2.  

These plots are incomplete!!  If you have data you would like to add to this plot, please email the SSC Helpdesk.




HD189733: Knutson et al. 2011

GJ436: Knutson et al. 2012

GJ1214: Fraine et al. 2014, Ballard et al. private communication

HD209458: Zellem et al 2014

HD149026: Stevenson et al. 2012

HatP2: Lewis et al. 2013

WASP-12: Stevenson et al. 2014

55Cnc: Demory et al. private communication