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Appendix G. Acknowledgments

IRAC would not have been the successful instrument it was without the enthusiastic and capable contribution of many colleagues (see the lists of collaborators and laboratories below). Support for the IRAC instrument was provided by NASA through contract 960541 issued by JPL.


Principal Investigator

Dr. Giovanni Fazio (SAO, Harvard)

Dr. Gary J. Melnick, Deputy Principal Investigator (SAO, Harvard)

Dr. Joseph L. Hora, Project Scientist (SAO, Harvard)

Richard S. Taylor, Project Manager (SAO, Harvard)



The co-investigators played a central role in defining the technical characteristics of IRAC in order to carry out the science programs agreed upon by all of them. Lynne Deutsch, a co-investigator of IRAC, died on 2004 April 2, after a long illness. Lynne was a dear friend and a close colleague. The IRAC team deeply misses her presence.

Dr. William F. Hoffmann (University of Arizona)

Dr. Craig R. McCreight ( Ames Research Center)

Dr. S. Harvey Moseley (Goddard Space Flight Center)

Dr. Judith L. Pipher (University of Rochester)

Dr. Lori E. Allen (SAO, Harvard)

Dr. Matthew L. N. Ashby (SAO, Harvard)

Dr. Pauline Barmby (SAO, Harvard)

Dr. Lynne K. Deutsch (SAO, Harvard)

Dr. Peter Eisenhardt (JPL, Caltech)

Dr. Jiasheng Huang (SAO, Harvard)

Dr. David I. Koch (SAO, Harvard)

Dr. Massimo Marengo (SAO, Harvard)

Dr. S. Thomas Megeath (SAO, Harvard; University of Toledo)

Dr. Michael Pahre (SAO, Harvard)

Dr. Brian Patten (SAO, Harvard)

Dr. Howard Smith (SAO, Harvard)

Dr. John R. Stauffer (SAO, Harvard; SSC, Caltech)

Dr. Eric V. Tollestrup (SAO, Harvard)

Dr. Zhong Wang (SAO, Harvard)

Dr. Steven P. Willner (SAO, Harvard)

Dr. Edward L. Wright (UCLA)

Dr. William F. Hoffmann (U. Arizona)

Dr. William J. Forrest (University of Rochester)

Dr. Daniel Gezari (GSFC)




Construction and ground calibration phase


People listed here include those that participated in the mechanical, optical, and cryo-mechanical studies that led to the definition of IRAC, as well as those who designed and built the on-board electronic subsystems, developed the on-board software and worked on the Ground Support Equipment. Others participated in the development of the extensive software systems and procedures later used for the in-flight calibration, system tests and uplink subsystems or in the Off-Line pipeline.


Dr. Jon Chappell, Data Systems Analyst (SAO, Harvard)

Dr. Martin Cohen, Calibration Scientist (SAO, Harvard)

Dr. Steven Kleiner, IT Specialist (SAO, Harvard)

Dr. John Spitzak, Data Systems Analyst (SAO, Harvard)


Christina M. Arabadjis, Project Administrator

Jo-Ann Campbell-Cameron, Group Secretary

Mary L. Horan, Project Administrator

Ralph Paganetti, Management Support

S. Douglas Smith, Project Administrator

Jane I. Wamback, Group Administrator


John P. Polizotti, IRAC Systems Engineer

Vaman S. Bawdekar, Quality Assurance Engineer

David A. Boyd, Thermal Engineer

John Boczenowski, Quality Assurance Manager

Kathy Daigle, Documentation Control Engineer

Leslie Frazier, Quality Assurance Engineer

Thomas Gauron, Mechanical Engineer

Joaquim J. Gomes, Electrical Engineer

Everett Johnston, Electrical Engineer

Maggie Kanouse, Documentation Specialist

Warren Martell, Quality Assurance Engineer

Paul Okun, Electrical Engineer

Joel Rosenberg, Electrical Engineer



Dr. Craig R. McCreight, Lead Si:As Scientist

Roy R. Johnson, Detector Test Engineer

Roderick N. McHugh, Electronic Technician

Mark E. McKelvey, Detector Test Lead

Robert E. McMurray, Jr., Detector Scientist

Nicolas N. Moss, Programmer

William I. Ogilvie, Programmer

Nicholas N. Scott, Mechanical and Electrical Tech

Steven I. Zins, Programmer



Dr. William F. Hoffmann

Thomas J. Tysenn, Research Specialist

Patrick M. Woida, Staff Technician, Sr.



Dr. Judith L. Pipher, Lead InSb Scientist

Dr. William J. Forrest



Hao Chen, Senior Engineer

Dr. James D. Garnett, Research Associate

Dr. William J. Glaccum, Research Associate

Brad Marazus, Engineer

Dr. Zoran Ninkov, Research Associate

Jian Wu, Senior Engineer



Candice Bacon, Graduate Student

Bob Benson, Graduate Student

Nathaniel Cowen, Programmer/Analyst

Chad Engelbracht, Undergraduate Student

Brian Goss, Graduate Student

Andrea La Barbera, Undergraduate Student

Scott Libonate, Graduate Student

Kevin McFadden, Programmer/Analyst

Craig McMurtry, Undergraduate Student

D. Michael Myers, Programmer/Analyst

Ryan Overbeck, Programmer/Analyst

Bruce Pirger, Undergraduate Student

Pratap Ranade, Undergraduate Student

Aaron Reichman, Undergraduate Student

Richard Sarkis, Programmer/Analyst

Justin Schoenwald, Programmer/Analyst

Steve Solomon, Graduate Student

Brendan White, Programmer/Analyst



Jessica Benjou, Undergraduate Student

Justin Comparetta, Graduate Student

Margaret Drennan, Graduate Student

Mike Dunham, Undergraduate Student

Kevin Flaherty, Undergraduate Student

Rob Gutermuth, Graduate Student

Alaina Henry, Undergraduate Student

Osa Igbinosun, Undergraduate Student

Angela Lowell, Undergraduate Student

Rebecca Madson, Undergraduate Student

Dawn Peterson, Graduate Student






Dr. Alan Hoffman, Project Manager

Dr. George Domingo, Si:As Development Lead, Project Manager

Conrad Anderson, IBC Detector & Test

Jim Asbrock, Readout Design

Virginia Bowman, Si:As Processing

George Chapman, Detector Test

Elizabeth Corrales, Business Manager

Arnold Estrada, Array Test

Bruce Fletcher, Hybridization Engineer

Peter Love, System Engineer

Dr. Larry Lum, Readout Engineer

Dr. Nancy Lum, Multiplexer Designer

Susan Morales, Production Control

Olivia Moreno, Quality Assurance

Heidi Mosel-Riedo, Business Manager

Joseph Rosbeck, InSb Detector Engineer

Kiomi Schartz, IBC Processing

Michael S. Smith, Detector Test Engineer

Steve Solomon, Array Test Engineer

Kevin Sparkman, Test Engineer

Andrew S. Toth, IBC Detector Engineer

Peter S. Villa, Hybridization Engineer

Sharon E. Woolaway, Hybridization Engineer





Lois Workman, Instrument Manager

Felicia Jones-Selden, Instrument Engineer/Manager

Juan Rivera, Instrument Engineer/Manager

Rich Barney, Instrument Manager, Branch Head



Dr. S. Harvey Moseley, Instrument Scientist

Dr. Richard Arendt, Science Support

Dr. Sean Casey, Science Support

Dr. Dale Fixsen, Science Support

Dr. Daniel Gezari, Instrument Scientist

Dr. Alexander Kutyrev, Science Support

Tim Powers, Electronics Technician



William T. Tallant, Review Team Chairman

Steve Bartel, Review Team

James Caldwell, Review Team

Robert Coladonato, Review Team

Michael Dipirro, Review Team

Pam Davila, Review Team,

Gene Gochar, Review Team

Frank Kirchman, Review Team

Robert Martineau, Review Team

Ian Mclean, Review Team

Vern Weyers, Review Team



Gabe Karpati, Instrument System Engineer

Neil Martin, Instrument System Engineer

Robert Maichle, Instrument System Engineer

Kevin Brenneman, System Engineer

Robert Kichak, Chief Engineer, Electrical

John Wolfgang, Verification Lead



Claef Hakun, Mechanical System Lead

Willie Blanco, Mechanical Branch Head

Willie Barber, Mechanical Technician

Carlos Bernabe, Mechanical Engineer

Ken Blumenstock, Mechanical Engineer

Gary Brown, Mechanical Engineer

Dr. Philip Chen, Contamination Engineer

Rainer Fettig, Mechanical Engineer

Bryan Grammer, Designer

Paul Haney, Mechanical Technician

Tom Hanyok, Designer

Darron Harris, Mechanical Technician

Mike Hersh, Mechanical Engineer

Sid Johnson, Mechanical Technician

Ben Lewit, Mechanisms Engineer

Carlos Lugo, Mechanical Engineer

Dave Pfenning, Electro/Mechanical Tech

George Reinhardt, Mechanical Engineer

Scott Schwinger, Mechanical Engineer

Ryan Simmons, Systems Analyst

Dr. Michael G. Ryschkewitsch, Designer, 1988-1989

Charles Tomasevich, Mechanical Engineer, 1997-2000

George Voellmer, Mechanical Engineer, 1995-1996

Steve Wood, Mechanical Technician, 1997-2000



Jose Florez, Electrical System Lead

Harlan Bowers, OSC Task Manager

Vicky Brocius, Parts Procurement

Robert Clark, Parts Procurement

Tracy Clay, WEA Enclosure Supervisor

Jim Cook, PWA Assembly

Glenn Davis, Polymerics

Mitch Davis, ESE Engineer

Bob Demme, PWA Assembly Manager

Melissa Eberhardinger, Parts Procurement

Majed El Alami, Parts Procurement

Patricia Gilbertson, Parts Procurement

Steve Graham, Electrical Engineer

David Hessler, Electrical Engineer

Gina Kanares, Parts Stock

Richard Katz, Electrical Engineer

Igor Kleiner, BTE S/W

Tracie Lampke, PWA Assembly

David Liu, Electrical Engineer

Jim Lohr, Parts Engineer

Bill Long, WEA Enclosure Supervisor

Jack Lorenz, WEA Enclosure Designer

John McCloskey, Electrical Engineer

Charlie McClunin, WEA Enclosure Designer

Margaret McVicker, PWA Assembly

Tim Miralles, WEA Test Engineer

Keyvan Mortazavi, J&T Task Manager

Kim Moats, PWA Assembly

Trang Nguyen, Electrical Engineer

J. R. Norris, Litton Task Manager

Larry Pack, Packaging Lead

Laddawan Ruamsuwan, Electrical Engineer

Allen Rucker, WEA Test Engineer

Kamdin Shakoorzadeh, Electrical Engineer

Narenda Shukla, DC-DC Converter

Kevin Smith, WEA PWA Designer

Steve Smith, WEA Test Engineer

John Stewart, Electronics Technician

Victor Torres, Electrical Engineer

Yen Tran, WEA PWA Designer

Steven Van Nostrand, WEA PWA Designer

Sherry Wagner, PWA Assembly

Banks Walker, WEA PWA Designer

Mark Walter, DC-DC Converter

Richard Williams, Parts Engineer



Raymond Whitley, Software Manager

Louise Bashar, Software Engineer

Craig Bearer, Ground Software Engineer

Glenn Cammarata, Software Engineer

Jenny Geiger, Software Engineer

Bob Koehler, Software Engineer

Steve Mann, Software Engineer

Dave McComas, Software Engineer

Janet McDonnell, Software Engineer

Ken Rehm, Software Engineer

Jann Smith, Software Engineer

Carlos Trujillo, Software Engineer

David Vavra, Software Engineer



Dan McHugh, Cryogenics Technician,

John Bichell, Cryogenics Technician

Rob Boyle, Cryogenics Engineer

Susan Breon, Cryogenics Engineer

Michael Dipirro, Cryogenics Engineer

Darrell Gretz, Cryogenics Technician

Ed Quinn, Cryogenics Technician

Peter Shirron, Cryogenics Engineer




Ted Ackerson, Systems Assurance Manager

Dick Bolt, Flight Assurance

Jerry Bushman, Flight Assurance

Jack Galleher, System Reliability

Steve Hull, Parts Assurance

Ron Kolecki, Flight Assurance Manager

Norman Lee, Flight Assurance

Shirley Paul, Flight Assurance



Peter Maymon, Lead Optics, Optics Consultant, Branch Head

Catherine Marx, Optical Designer, Optics Lead

Pat Losch, Lead Optics, Optics I&T

Bill Eichorn, Lead Optics, Optical I&T

Julie Crooke, Optical Engineer

Andy Dantzler, Optical Designer

Dr. Bruce Dean, Optical Analyst

Dennis Evans, Optical Design

Thomas French, Optical Technician

Dr. David Glenar, Calibration Optics

Dr. Qian Gong, Optical Engineer

Paul Hannan, Optical Designer

Dr. Donald Jennings, Optics Engineer

Jay Jett, Optical Technician

Linette Kolos, Plating Technician

Dr. Ritva Keski-Kuha, Optics Engineer

James Lyons, Optical Technician

Eric Mentzell, Optical Analyst

Joseph McMann, Optics Engineer

Dr. Ray Ohl, Optical Engineer

Dean Osgood, Optical Technician

Grant Piegari, Optical Technician

Dr. Manuel Quijada, Optics Engineer

Steve Rice, Thin Films Technician

Kevin Redman, Optical Technician

Vicki Roberts, Optical Technician

Dr. Frederick Robinson, Optics Engineer

Dr. Kenneth Stewart, Optics Engineer

Carl Strojny, Optical Technician

Felix Threat, Thin Films Technician

Larry White, Mechanical Technician

Mark Wilson, Optical Designer

Lou Worrel, Optics Technician



Rick Stavely, Lead Thermal Engineer

Carol Mosier, Lead Thermal Engineer

Mike Choi, Thermal Engineer

Raymond Trunzo, Thermal Engineer



Dr. Danny Krebs, FPA Lead

Dr. Murzy D. Jhabvala, FPA Lead

Christine Allen, FPA Engineer

Sachi Babu, Detector Assembly Technician

Mark Cushman, Detector Assembly Tech

John Godfrey

Steve Graham, Electronics Engineer

Anh La, Test Engineer

Gerald Lamb, FPA Engineer

Kim Moats, Electronics Technician

Trang Nguyen, Electronics Engineer

Frank Peters, Detector Technician

David Rapchun, Detector Technician

Peter Shu, Science Team

Robert Stanley, Electronics Technician

Jeff Travis, Electronics Engineer



Ray Jungo, Integration and Test Manager

Michael Alexander, Test Conductor

Maureen Armbruster, Test Conductor

Craig Bearer, S/C Simulator Programmer

Marty Brown, Test Conductor

Jamie Britt, Environmental Test Engineer

Frank Carroll, Test Conductor

James E. Golden, Programmer

Peter Gorog, Programmer

Shirley M. Jones, Harness Technician

Don Kirkpatrick, Harness Technician

Juli Lander, Test Conductor

Matthew E. (Ed) Lander, Test Conductor

Jim MacLeod, Test Conductor

Rudy Manriquez, Harness Technician

Ayman Mekhail, Test Conductor

James Mills, Harness Fabrication Supervisor

Brian Ottens, Environmental Test Engineer

Ramjit Ramrattan, Harness Technician

Marco Rosales, Harness Technician

Charles Stone, Harness Technician



John Anders, Configuration Manager

Kim Brecker, Web Page Manager

Walt Carel, Transportation

Ron Colvin, Web Server

John Davis, Scheduler

Robert Dipalo, Transportation

Cristina Doria-Warner, Resource Analyst

Steve Ford, Program Analyst

Toni Hegarty, Configuration Manager

Ken Lathan, Web Page Support

Lois Pettit, Configuration Manager

Bob Read, Support Team Supervisor

Chris Romano, Program Analyst

Sharmaine Stewart, Resource Analyst

Lynette Sullivan, Configuration Manager

Catherine Traffanstedt, Transportation

Debra A. Yoder, Configuration Manager


Operations phase


The following are the people who participated in the operational phase of IRAC. The list includes those actively involved with the day-to-day operations within the IRAC Instrument Support Team (IST) at SSC, and those on the “home team” within the IRAC Instrument Team (IT) at SAO, Harvard, and anyone that contributed to a better understanding of IRAC by producing software code used in the online and offline pipelines.




Dr. William Reach, Team Lead

Dr. Sean Carey, Team Lead

Dr. Patrick Lowrance, Team Lead

Dr. Jason Surace, Deputy Lead

Dr. Bidushi Bhattacharya

Heidi Brandenburg

Dr. Peter Capak

Dr. David Cole

Dr. William Glaccum

Dr. Carl Grillmair

Dr. Myungshin Im

Dr. James Ingalls

Dr. Thomas Jarrett

Iffat Khan

Dr. Jessica Krick

Dr. Mark Lacy

Dr. Seppo Laine

Wen-Piao Lee

Dr. Brant Nelson

Dr. JoAnn O’Linger-Luscusk

Dr. Roberta Paladini

Dr. Bernhard Schulz

Dr. Inseok Song

Dr. Gillian Wilson



Dr. Giovanni Fazio, IRAC Principal Investigator

Dr. Joseph L. Hora, Instrument Scientist

Dr. Lori E. Allen

Dr. Matthew L. N. Ashby

Dr. Pauline Barmby

Dr. Jiasheng Huang

Dr. Massimo Marengo

Dr. S. Thomas Megeath

Dr. Michael Pahre

Dr. Brian Patten

Dr. Howard Smith

Dr. Zhong Wang

Dr. Steven P. Willner



Dr. Seppo Laine

Dr. Solange Ramirez



Dr. Peter Eisenhardt (JPL)

Dr. Daniel Stern (JPL)



Dr. Stefano Casertano (STScI)

Dr. Mark Dickinson (STScI; NOAO)

Dr. David Elliott (JPL)

Dr. Robert Gehrz (U. Minnesota)

Dr. William Hoffmann (U. Arizona)

Dr. Leonidas Moustakas (JPL)

Edward Romana (JPL)


List of Laboratories

Caltech (California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, CA)

SAO (Smithsonian Asttrophysical Observatory, Harvard, MA)

SBRC (RaytheonVision Systems/Santa Barbara Research Center, Santa Barbara, CA)

GSFC (Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, MD)

JPL (Jet Propulsion Center, Pasadena, CA)

Steward Observatory, University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ

NASA Ames Research Center, Moffett Field, CA

University of Rochester, Rochester, NY     



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