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Cohen Templates

This table lists templates calculated by Martin Cohen for a subset of stars that have been observed as part of the IRS calibration program. These stars do not have tailored MARCS models and were used for broader statistical testing and verification of IRS calibration. These templates were computed before the launch of Spitzer.

Name Other Name Type Template
 HD 41371
K0III file (Plain Text, 287 KB)
 HD 42701
K3III file (Plain Text, 288 KB)
 HD 46190
A0V file (Plain Text, 59 KB)
HD 91375 HR 4138 A1V file (Plain Text, 61 KB)
HD 128998 HR 5467 A1V file (Plain Text, 61 KB)
 HD 154391 HR 6348 K0III file (Plain Text, 287 KB)
HD 166780
K5III file (Plain Text, 279 KB)
HD 172728 HR 7018 A0V file (Plain Text, 60 KB)
HD 173511
K5III file (Plain Text, 279 KB)