Spitzer Documentation & Tools
IRS Flats

Users who wish to derive their own flats for IRS data should see the IRS Instrument Handbook for a description of the procedure adopted during the Spitzer cold mission. Here we provide a tarfile (Tar File, 77 KB) containing IDL programs written to illustrate the flatmaking process for the Long Low module in more detail. They are not supported tools. Below is a list of the individual programs, along with a brief description of each.

1. makeflat.pro This is the main program.

2. comb_nl.pro Combines the data and makes a median and a mean file.

3. conwavlr.pro (conwavhr.pro) Interpolates the model spectrum onto the wavsamp in 1-D.

4. de_extract.pro Converts the 1-D spectrum into a 2-D file. The program de_extract.pro lives within a package called poly_mask_new which contains the program de_extract.pro, read_tbl.pro and poly_mask.pro.

5. irsclean_mask.pro this is within the IRSCLEAN software package.

6. flattenitir.pro example of low resolution version of program that removes the spectral variation. The high resolution version simply goes through orders 11-20 instead of 1-3.