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The Spitzer Space Telescope Postdoctoral Fellowship Program (now a part of the Hubble Fellowship program) provided an opportunity for highly qualified recent postdoctoral scientists to conduct independent research with the goal of enhancing the overall scientific return from the Spitzer mission. This was accomplished through proposals to conduct new Spitzer observations, exploit the Spitzer archive, or through theoretical investigations.

During the cryogenic mission the Spitzer Fellowship program was one of the crown jewels of the User Community funding program. Seven classes of Spitzer fellows were selected to do exciting, cutting-edge science with Spitzer. The funding profile for the warm mission did not support the addition of new fellows to the program.

Complete List of Spitzer Fellows

Name Ph.D. Institution Host Institution Research Program Title
2008 Spitzer Fellows
Dawn Erb Caltech ('05) U. C. Santa Barbara The Physics of High Redshift Galaxies: Star Formation, Chemistry and Gas Flows
Elise Furlan Cornell University ('06) JPL The Last Remnants of Primordial Disk Material: Planet Formation's Last Chance
Mukremin Kilic U. of Texas at Austin ('06) CfA/SAO A New Approach for Finding Planets and Brown Dwarfs Around White Dwarfs
Sarah Dodson-Robinson U. C. Santa Cruz ('07) IPAC/MSC Ices in the Solar Nebula
Thomas Robitaille U. of St. Andrews ('08) Harvard The evolution and physical properties of young stellar objects throughout the Milky Way Galaxy
2007 Spitzer Fellows
Lucas Cieza U. of Texas ('07) U. Hawaii The Evolution of Proto-planetary Disks: Making the most of the Spitzer Archive
Michael Cooper U. C. Berkeley ('07) U. Arizona The Formation of the Massive Early-type Galaxy Population
Kelle Cruz U. of Pennsylvania ('04) Caltech Nearby, Young Brown Dwarfs: A Comprehensive Study
Melissa Enoch Caltech ('07) U. C. Berkeley Proto-stellar Evolution in the Main Accretion Phase
Alexandra Pope U. of British Columbia ('07) NOAO The Evolution of Infrared-Luminous Galaxies at High Redshift
2006 Spitzer Fellows
Kevin Covey U. of Washington ('06) CfA The Spitzer Spectroscopic Star Formation Survey
Jonathan Fortney U. of Arizona ('04) NASA-ARC Giant Planets as a Class of Astronomical Objects
Emeric Le Floc'h Paris ('03) Hawaii Probing the Dark Side of Cosmic Evolution Using Dark GRBs
Jane Rigby U. of Arizona ('06) OCIW Finding and Understanding Highly Obscured AGN
Brant Robertson Harvard ('06) Kavli Institute IR Emission of AGN and ULIRGs in Merger Simulations
2005 Spitzer Fellows
Christine Chen U. C. Los Angeles ('02) NOAO Dust to Dust: A Study of Second-Generation Debris in Scorpius-Centaurus
Stanimir Metchev Caltech ('05) U. C. Los Angeles Sub-stellar Objects and Circumstellar Disks
Subhanjoy Mohanty U. C. Berkeley ('02) Harvard-CfA Watching the Dust Settle: Disk Evolution in Young Brown Dwarfs
Casey Papovich Johns Hopkins U. ('02) U. of Arizona Understanding the Star-Formation History of High-Redshift Galaxies
Nadia Zakamska Princeton ('05) Institute for Advanced Study Type II (Obscured) Quasars
2004 Spitzer Fellows
Adam Burgasser Caltech ('01) American Museum of Natural History Old and Cold: Identifying and Characterizing the Coldest Stellar and Substellar Halo Subdwarfs
Emanuele Daddi U. of Firenze ('02) NOAO The Assembly of Galaxy Mass within the Large Scale Structure in GOODS and COSMOS
Remy Indebetouw U. of Colorado ('01) U. of Wisconsin-Madison Massive Star Formation in our Galaxy and Beyond
2003 Spitzer Fellows
Michael Cushing U. of Hawaii ('03) NASA-Ames Research Center Atmospheric Structure and Chemistry in Low Mass Stars and Brown Dwarfs
Sarah Gallagher Pennsylvania State ('02) U. C. Los Angeles Understanding Quasar Outflows: Evolution or Orientation?
Jacqueline Kessler-Silacci Caltech ('03) U. of Texas-Austin Evolution of Grains and Ices in Low Mass Stars
Henrik Spoon U. of Groningen ('03) Cornell Dust in ULIRG Environments
2002 Spitzer Fellows
Yanga Fernandez U. of Maryland ('99) U. of Hawaii The Physical Evolution and Dust Activity of Comets
Francisca Kemper U. of Amsterdam ('02) U. C. Los Angeles The Composition and Evolution of Dust in Astrophysical Environments
Pieter Van Dokkum U. of Groningen ('99) Caltech Evolved High Redshift Galaxies