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S-COSMOS Data Deliveries

What is available?

COSMOS delivers images and source lists. IRAC data were obtained in Cycle-2, and MIPS data will be obtained in Cycle-3.

Please note that when a Legacy team delivers enhanced data products to IRSA, the data must go through a quality assurance (QA) and ingestion process before being available through IRSA search engines, and this process does not happen instantaneously. Direct data access to a more recent delivery may contain errors that will be caught by the QA process; an IRSA search of an older delivery permits access to data that have passed the QA process.

For the data that have passed the QA process, IRSA will provides two services connected to the COSMOS data, specifically:

  • Atlas image and catalog retrieval
  • Image Cutout Service

The COSMOS team suggests the following references for more information about their data, reduction, and delivered products:

Delivery information listed in reverse chronological order

DateDelivery description Data version Direct data access IRSA search engine (QA) status
2009-04-13 Catalogs and images for 70 and 160 um Cycle-3 COSMOS, from tiles not yet delivered. ? data access Image data; for catalogs, go to Gator Also see IRSA page for just S-COSMOS, as opposed to the entire COSMOS project.
2008-10-15 several new data products including: deeper MIPS24, MIPS70 and MIPS160 images and catalogs. ? data access Image data; for catalogs, go to Gator
2007-05-25 Images:
  • Coadded mosaic (and coverage, mask, uncertainty) images, one per each of the IRAC bands.
  • Pseudo-truecolor images made from the IRAC bands.
  • Coadded mosaic images, one per each of the MIPS bands, for the MAIN and DEEP areas.
  • A catalog consisting of aperture photometry in the 4 IRAC channels for IRAC 3.6 detected sources. Sources must have a total flux above 1 uJy in IRAC 3.6.
  • 2 catalogs consisting of MIPS 24 u detections in the Main and the Deep survey.
S14 data access IRSA search

Getting the original Spitzer data

All of the original Spitzer data for Legacy programs are released to the community as soon as they complete end-of-campaign reprocessing (there is no proprietary period). For general information about how to access our archive (and what to do with the data when you get in), please see Data Archive and Data Analysis & Tools.

To access data specifically from COSMOS, you can search by these program ids (pids):

  • pid 20070 - cycle 2 (mostly just IRAC)
  • pid 30143 - cycle 3 (just MIPS)