SpitzerSSCThe Spitzer Science Center 2005 Conference: Infrared Diagnostics of Galaxy Evolution


The deadline for submission of articles for the proceedings is March 15th, 2006. The proceedings will be published as part of  the ASP Conference Series.

The page limits (including abstract/figures/tables/references) which will be strictly enforced are:

8 pages for review talks

6 pages for contributed talks
4 pages for poster papers
Please do not attempt to change margins/font sizes.

Instructions for submitting an article are as follows:
1. Download irevolve_proceedings.tgz

2. Untar and unzip using
    tar -zxvf irevolve_proceedings.tgz
    It will untar into a subdirectory called irevolve

3. Read the instructions in aspauthor2005.ps and readmeauthors2005

4. copy asptemplate.tex to a file called yourlastname_firstinitial.tex

5. edit the file yourlastname_firstinitial.tex to contain the contents of your paper. Your figures and external tables should be labelled as yourlastname_firstinitial_fig1.eps, yourlastname_firstinitial_fig2.eps, yourlastname_firstinitial_table1.tex etc.

6. To create a single gzipped tar file (*.tgz), do
> tar zcvf yourlastname_firstinitial.tgz ms.tex f1.eps f2.eps tab1.tex

7. Email all your files as a single gzipped tar file to irevolve@ipac.caltech.edu


>ftp anon-ftp.ipac.caltech.edu
login: anonymous
password: youremailaddress
>cd incoming/irevolve
>put yourlastname_firstinitial.tgz

8. After you have uploaded your file, send an email to irevolve@ipac.caltech.edu with the name of the *.tgz file, the list of files contained in the *.tgz file and the address to which you would like the conference proceedings mailed when they are ready.

9. If you have not signed and provided the copyright agreement form, please mail
or fax it ASAP. Your contribution cannot be published without this form.

fax: 626-432-7484 (attn. Mary Ellen McElveney)

mailing address:
Mary Ellen McElveney
Spitzer Science Center
New Views Conference
Caltech, MS 320-6
Pasadena, CA 91125