New Views of the Cosmos - Second Announcement

Second Announcement
We have received a very positive response to our initial announcement, in which we advertised our first Spitzer Space Telescope science conference, "The Spitzer Space Telescope: New Views of the Cosmos", to be held in Pasadena, CA from 9-11 November 2004. Since there is a great deal of exciting science coming from Spitzer, and the number of contributed talks and posters we can accomodate during the conference is limited, we will need to make some difficult choices over the next couple of months in selecting the presentations. In order to help us make these choices, we now ask you to return to our meeting website,

and fill out the revised pre-registration form that now includes an area for you to include the abstract of your presentation. We will use the titles and abstracts to select the contributed talks and posters for the conference. Even if you have already filled in the pre-registration form, it is important that you provide this information again, if you intend to present a contributed talk or poster at the meeting. We will be able to accomodate a larger number of posters than talks, so please select "No Preference" if you can give your presentation in either format. However, if you are selected to give a presentation, you have selected "Talk" on the pre-registration form, and there are no remaining talk slots, you will be given the option of choosing a poster for your presentation.

The deadline for submission of the title and abstract of your talk or poster is 18 June 2004. On this date, the abstracts will be collected and distributed to the SOC for review and selection. We will notify all selected presenters by 16 July 2004. After this date, and until 20 August 2004, you will have a chance to complete the final registration form (including payment) via the conference website. This formal registration will be open to all participants, whether or not they are delivering a contributed talk or poster. The formal registration will take place on a first come, first served basis until we reach the conference attendance limit - expected to be approximately 275 persons. We will continue to update our mailing list to include all interested participants who fill out the web forms.

For more information, including copies of the announcements, and local information about the Pasadena/Caltech area, please visit our website:

Thank you for your interest in what we expect will be an exciting conference. We hope to see you here in Pasadena in November.

- Lee Armus (on behalf of the LOC).