# Presenter Poster Title
21 Allen Lori Up Close & Personal: Star Formation in the nearby Ophiuchus Molecular Cloud Complex
67 Aprajita Verma Hyperluminous Infrared Galaxies: Coeval Starbursts and AGN
45 Bendo George J. Variations in Spectral Energy Distribution Across the Disks of SINGS Galaxies
22 Benjamin Robert A. Spitzer-GLIMPSE Discovery of Possible Stellar Bowshocks
46 Bernard-Salas Jeronimo IRS Observations of LMC and SMC Planetary Nebulae
47 Bolatto Alberto The Small Magellanic Cloud: A Local Template for the Primitive Interstellar Medium
79 Borys Colin 350mm Observations of Spitzer Detected Extragalatic Sources with SHARC-II
48 Bot Caroline Dust in a Quiescent Molecular Cloud in the SMC: Impact of Metallicity on Dust Properties
80 Brodwin Mark Photometric Redshifts in the IRAC Shallow Survey
6 Brooke Tim Data Analysis and Early Results of MIPS Observations in the C2D Legacy Project
81 Bundy Kevin The Stellar Mass Function at z~1
49 Burgarella Denis GALEX UV Spectroscopy + Spitzer IR Photometry: A Multiwavelength Study of Galaxies
23 Burgdorf Martin Galactic Structure From a Comparison of the GFLS and the SKY Model
68 Cao Xinwu On the Dust Tori in Palomar-Green Quasars
113 Chakrabarti Sukanya SEDs of Dusty Sources: Analytic Models for Unresolved Objects
5 Chen Christine A Spitzer Search for Dusty Disks in the Scorpius-Centaurus OB Association
7 Cieza Lucas A. Circumstellar Disk Evolution in the Ophiuchus Molecular Cloud - A View in Spitzer
82 Ciliegi Paolo The Radio-infrared Correlation in the Spitzer-SWIRE Field ELAIS S1
83 Colbert James IRAC Properties of NIR-Selected EROs in the GOODS South
24 Contursi Alessandra Dust and Gas in the LMC HII Complex N4
1 Cushing Michael Spitzer Spectra of Low-Mass Stars and Brown Dwarfs
84 Davoodi Payam Photometric Classification of Sources in the SWIRE Validation Field using an EM Algorithm
50 Devost Daniel Molecular Hydrogen, Neon and PAH in NGC 253
85 Donley Jennifer Multiwavelength Properties of Radio-Selected Sources in the CDFS
51 Engelbracht Charles W. Infrared Properties of Low Metallicity Galaxies
25 Enoch Melissa Low Mass Star Formation in Perseus: Large-scale 1.1mm Survery Results
86 Fadda Dario The Relationship Between Merging and Far-IR Emission in the Distant Universe
8 Fajardo-Acosta Sergio Spitzer Observations of Main-Sequence Stars: The Search for Hot Circumstellar Dust
87 Fang Fan Galaxy Clustering in the FLS IRAC Survey
88 Frayer David MIPS-Ge Observations of the First Look Survey Field
26 Garcia-Lario Pedro From ISO to Spitzer: A New View of the AGB-PN Transition Phase
27 Garnavich Peter Detection of Dust in Spitzer Observations of SN 1993J
52 Gehrz Robert The Spitzer Space Telescope M33 Project: First and Second Epoch Images
89 Glassman Tiffany Photometric Redshifts in the Extragalactic Spitzer First Look Survey
69 Glikman Eilat How Spitzer Will Shed Light on the Dust in Obscured Quasars
90 Gonzalez-Solares Eduardo The Angular Cross-Correlation Function of Galaxies Selected at Mid-IR and Far-IR Wavelengths
91 Greve Thomas Spitzer Observations of MAMBO Galaxies
114 Griv Evgeny Rapid Formation of the Solar System by Gravitational Instability
92 Gruppioni Carlotta The MID-IR Luminosity Function from ELAIS: Data and Model Predictions for Spitzer Survey
9 Hall Peter A Disk With a Hole
28 Helmich Frank Exposing the InfraRed Dark Clouds
10 Hines Dean The Formation and Evolution of Planetary Systems (FEPS): The Spitzer/IRS Spectral Atlas
29 Hora Joseph IRAC Imaging of Planetary Nebulae
93 Im Myungshin IRAC Observation of a Cluster of Galaxies Candidate at z=2.4
70 Imanishi Masatosi Buried AGNs in ultraluminous InfraRed Galaxies
30 Indebetouw Remy A GLIMPSE of Star Formation and Feedback in the Galaxy
31 Karr Jennifer Spitzer and ISO Colours of Young Stars
53 Kaufman Michael Probing the Star Formation Conditions in Galaxies: Emission from HII Regions and their Associated PDRs
11 Kessler-Silacci Jacqueline Spitzer IRS Observations of "Protoplanetary" Disks
12 Kim Serena Formation and Evolution of Planetary Systems: First Results on Cold Outer Disks from MIPS
13 Knez Claudia A MAMBO Survey of Star Forming Cores for the c2d Spitzer Legacy Program
123 Krause Oliver From Cold Dust to Cosmic Rays: The Supernova Remnant Cassiopeia A as seen by Spitzer
94 Lagache Guilaine PAHs Contribution to the Infrared Output Energy of the Universe at z~2
32 Lahuis Fred Gas-Phase Molecular Features in the IRS Spectra of Low-Mass YSOs
33 Lai Shih-Ping The Nature of the Diffuse Mid-Infrared Emission in Ophiuchus L1689 Ridge
115 Li Aigen Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Protoplanetary and Debris Disks
14 Liu Michael GJ 803 (AU Mic): The Newest and Nearest Young Debris Disk System
2 Lowrance Patrick Survey for Substellar Objects in the Extra-Galactic First Look Survey
71 Lutz Dieter Constraints on AGN Unification From Mid-Infrared Spectroscopy of a Large Sample of Local AGN
72 Malkan Matt Uncovering the Dust-Obscured Population of AGN
15 Marengo Massimo Spitzer Observations of the Debris Disk Around Epsilon Eridani
95 Marleau Francine Extragalactic Source Counts at 24 Microns in the Spitzer First Look Survey
96 Masci Frank Galaxy Clustering at 24 Microns from Counts in Cells in the SWIRE Survey
54 Mazzarella Joseph Spitzer Observations of a Complete Sample of Luminous Infrared Galaxies in the Local Universe
55 Meixner Margaret Spitzer Detection of Supernova 2002hh in NGC 6946
3 Menard Francois Brown Dwarf Candidates and the Lower Mass Function in the Rho Oph Molecular Cloud
56 Meyer Martin The Relationship Between PAHs, Dust and Gas in M81 and M51
118 Miville-Deschenes Marc-Antoine IRIS: A New Generation of IRAS Maps and a Perfect Companion to Spitzer
4 Monin Jean-Louis Brown Dwarf Candidates and the Lower Mass Function in the Serpens Molecular Cloud
34 Mundy Lee Young and Embedded Stars in the Lupus Cloud
57 Murphy Eric An Initial Look at the FIR-Radio Correlation Within Galaxies Through the Eyes of Spitzer
97 Muzzin Adam 0 < z < 1.3 Red-Sequence Selected Galaxy Clusters in the Spitzer First Look Survey
35 Oliveira Joana Disks and Young Suns in the High Mass Star Forming Region NGC6611
98 Oliver Seb Large-Scale Structure from the SWIRE Legacy Survey
99 Onyett Natalie The Bi-Variate 24 micron Luminosity Function of Spectroscopic WIYN Sources from SWIREs Lockman Validation Field
36 Padgett Deborah Spitzer Legacy Observations of Weak-Line T Tauri Stars
116 Peeters Els Spitzer's View on PAH Emission Features
73 Perez-Gonzalez Pablo The Nature of Extremely Red Objects Observed by Spitzer
16 Plavchan Peter M Dwarf Circumstellar Dust
58 Polomski Elisha Spitzer Space Telescope M33 Project: First Epoch Results
59 Popescu Cristina C. A MIPS Investigation of Cold Dust Surrounding Gas-Rich Dwarf Galaxies in the Virgo Cluster
60 Pozzetti Lucia Masses and Ages From High Resolution Spectra of High-z Massive Early Type Galaxies
74 Radomski James High-Resolution Mid-Infrared Observations of AGN
100 Ravindranath Swara Near-IR and Mid-IR Properties of Morphologically-Selected Galaxies at Intermediate Redshifts from GOODS
37 Rebull Luisa Young Stars in the Galactic First Look Survey
101 Rettura Alessandro SEDS From HST/ACS to Spitzer: Spectro-Photometrical Modelling of z~1.2 Galaxies in GOODS Fields
102 Richards Gordon Optical-IR SEDs of SDSS Quasars in the Spitzer-FLS Area
119 Rieke George The Mid-Infrared Instrument (MIRI) for JWST
17 Rieke George Evolution of Debris Disks
120 Rieke Marcia JWST's Near-Infrared Camera: Successor to IRAC
121 Rieke Marcia Implications of Spitzer Results for NIRcam on JWST
103 Rigby Jane R. Finding High-Redshift AGN with Spitzer in CDFS
75 Rigopoulou Dimitra Unveiling the Nature of Obscured Type II Quasars: Hidden Surprises
117 Salama Alberto ISO Highly Processed Data Products
104 Scoville Nick The Cosmic Evolution Survey (COSMOS)
38 Sellgren Kris The 15-20 micron Spectrum of NGC 7023
105 Serjeant Stephen Sub-Millimeter Detections of Spitzer Space Telescope Galaxy Populations
76 Shi Yong FRII Radio Galaxies Observed with Spitzer
39 Shirley Yancy L. Spitzer Space Telescope Detection of a Source in the Previously Classified Pre-Protostellar Core, L1014
18 Silverstone Murray Formation and Evolution of Planetary Systems: An IRAC Survey for Warm Dust Surrounding Sun-like Stars
40 Simon Robert High-Mass Star Forming Gas in Cygnus X: The Molecular and Spitzer View of the DR21 Region
61 Sloan Gregory C. Spectra From Circumstellar Dust Shells in the Large Magellanic Cloud
62 Stanimirovic Snezana Probing the PAH Distribution in the Small Magellanic Cloud
41 Stauffer John R. Spitzer Observations of the Pleiades
42 Stencel Robert Evolved Star Science with Mid Infrared Spectropolarimetry
77 Sturm Eckhard Dynamics and Evolution of Massive Gas-Rich Galaxy Mergers
19 Su Kate Spitzer Observations of Vega
78 Surace Jason Spitzer Mid/Far-Infrared Imaging of Ultraluminous Infrared Galaxies
112 Treister Ezequiel Multiwavelength Number Counts of AGN and the Infrared Background
20 Uzpen Brian Discovery of 18 Main Sequence Stars with Mid-Infrared Excesses using GLIMPSE: Beta-Pictoris Analogs ?
108 Van Duyne Jeffrey Infrared Properties of AGN in the GOODS Fields: Searching for Highly Obscured/X-Ray Quiet AGN
63 Van Loon Jacco Th. Mass Loss From Red Giants in the Magellanic Clouds
64 Walterbos Rene Dust and the Warm Ionized Medium in Disk Galaxies
65 Wang Zhong Multi-Wavelength Analysis of the Star Forming Activities in the Antennae
122 Wolfire Mark Spitzer Tools for WITS
109 Wrobel J. M. VLBA Astrometry of Compact Radio Sources in the Spitzer First-Look Survey
66 Xu C. Kevin Number Counts of GALEX Sources in FUV (1530A) and NUV (2310A) Bands
110 Yan Haojing High-z Galaxies Detected by the GOODS IRAC Observations in the HUDF
111 Zakamska Nadia Mid and Far-Infrared Spectral Energy Distributions of Type II Quasars from the SDSS