About the ISO SWS Atlas Dataset
Infrared Space Observatory (ISO) Spectra from the Short Wavelength Spectrometer (SWS). This atlas of spectra accompanies the paper by Sloan et al. (2003) [ PS | PDF ]

Available is a complete set of all valid SWS full-scan 2.4-45.4 um spectra processed and renormalized in as uniform a manner as possible. The processing produces a single spectrum for each observation from the 288 individual spectral segments, which are the most processed form available from the ISO archive. Resultant spectra are available in the following formats:

  • ASCII with an associated ASCII header
  • FITS
  • PNG
  • GIF
  • PS
The ASCII data and header files were created from the FITS files. The four data columns in both the ASCII and the FITS spectra are (1) Wavelength in um, (2) Flux in Jy, (3) Spectroscopic Error in Jy and (4) Normalization Error in Jy.

In the SWS Atlas, the final data, labelled "sws", have had the individual spectral segments normalized to each other using the regions of overlap. They have also been trimmed to eliminate the overlap between segments. Users who wish to see the data before normalization (and with the regions of overlap intact) should use the "pws" data.

Gregory C. Sloan also hosts the SWS data via a different method than this Atlas; for access to this database of fully processed post-pipeline spectra, click here.