z0MGS Catalog Definitions


The z = 0 Multiwavelength Galaxy Synthesis (z0MGS) Data Release 1 includes GALEX and WISE imaging for a sample of 15,748 local galaxies (D ≲ 50 Mpc) as well as best-effort masks that can be used to help remove stars and other galaxies from the images.

The z0MGS Index contains an overview of the dataset and the integrated stellar mass and star formation rate measured for each galaxy. The z0MGS 7.5" Simple Index contains the same information as the main Index for the 7.5" resolution images, but does not include the Integrated Photometry, Sample Definition Parameters, or Derived Parameters (columns after GALAXY_OVERLAP_FLAG, below).

For more information about z0MGS, see Leroy et al. (2019) and the Delivery Document.

In the table below, band = GALEX FUV, NUV, WISE W1, W2, W3, W4.

Name Intype Units Description
PGC_NAME char Galaxy name: PGC name with no leading 0s
PGC long PGC number
ra double deg Right Ascension (J2000)
dec double deg Declination (J2000)
GL_DEG double deg Galactic longitude
GB_DEG double deg Galactic latitude
RESOLUTION char Resolution
HAS_band int Data availability flag: band. Flag value 0 for no data, 1 for data exists
TIME_FUV double s Mean integration time: FUV
TIME_NUV double s Mean integration time: NUV
AFUV double mag Applied extinction value: FUV
ANUV double mag Applied extinction value: NUV
RMS_band double MJy/sr RMS of background pixels in band
STD_band double MJy/sr Standard deviation of background pixels in band
SAT_EFFECTS_band int Saturation flag: band
STAR_AREA_band double Fraction of galaxy area contaminated by foreground stars: band
STAR_FLUX_band double Fraction of galaxy flux contaminated by foreground stars: band
Note: STAR_FLUX = sum(mask*image)/sum(image) over the relevant, so the value can be < 0 or > 1 in the case of nondetections and/or extreme noise spikes.
STAR_FLAG_band int Flag indicating that STAR_FLUX_band > 20%
GALAXY_MASK_OVERLAP double Fraction of galaxy flagged due to presence of other galaxies
GALAXY_OVERLAP_FLAG int Flag indicating that GALAXY_MASK_OVERLAP > 10%
FLUX_band double Jy band flux
RMS_FLUX_band double Jy band flux uncertainty based on background RMS
STD_FLUX_band double Jy band flux uncertainty based on background standard deviation
DIST_MPC double Mpc Distance to galaxy
E_DIST_DEX double 'dex' Distance uncertainty
MTOL double solMass/solLum W1 mass-to-light ratio
METHOD_MTOL char Method used to determine MTOL, see Leroy et al. (2019)
LOGMASS double log(solMass) Logarithm of the derived stellar mass
E_LOGMASS double 'dex' Uncertainty in stellar mass
LOGSFR double log(solMass/yr) Derived star formation rate
E_LOGSFR double 'dex' Uncertainty in star formation rate
METHOD_SFR char Method used to determine LOGSFR, see Leroy et al. (2019)
DELTAMS double 'dex' Offset from the star-forming main sequence
ABSBTC double mag Absolute B magnitude from LEDA computed from the "btc" corrected total apparent magnitude
COMPLETE_SAMPLE int Flag indicating whether the galaxy is part of the formal z0MG sample, i.e. is within d < 50 Mpc and M_B < -18
summary_url char z0MG galaxy summary page