Roman DC2 Simulated Image (Troxel 2023) Overview
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Troxel et al. (2023) simulated 20 square degrees of overlapping synthetic imaging surveys representing the full depth of the Nancy Grace Roman Space Telescope High-Latitude Imaging Survey (HLIS) observing the Dark Energy Science Collaboration (DESC) Data Challenge 2 (DC2) universe. They simulate for the first time fully chromatic images along with the detailed physics of the Sensor Chip Assemblies derived from lab measurements using the flight detectors. The simulated imaging and resulting pixel-level measurements of photometric properties of objects span a wavelength range of ~0.3 to 2.0 microns.

If you use Troxel (2023) data, please cite the journal article Troxel et al. (2023).

Data Set Characteristics

Data ProductDescriptionData Access
Images Roman-simulated: Y106, J129, H158, and F184
Additonal Products Detection & photometry catalogs, segmentation maps, PSFs, Truth files

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