Terms of Use of Data Hosted by IRSA

  1. Terms of Use
    1. Public Data
    2. Proprietary/Exclusive Access Data
    3. Copyrighted Data
  2. Acknowledgments & Citations

1. Terms of Use

The terms of use depend on whether a data set is public, proprietary / exclusive access, or copyrighted. See the appropriate section below for more information on these three categories.

1.1 Public Data

Most data served by IRSA is public, with no usage restrictions.

1.2 Proprietary / Exclusive Access Data

Some data sets served by IRSA should only be accessed by persons with explicit rights to the data. Users with data rights can access proprietary or exclusive access data at IRSA after logging in. IRSA systems will not allow previews or downloads of proprietary or exclusive access data for unauthorized users or for authorized users who are not logged in. Questions about authorization to access proprietary or exclusive access data should be directed to the IRSA helpdesk.

1.3 Copyrighted Data

Digital Sky Survey data are copyrighted:

2. Acknowledgments & Citations

It is best practice for users of data hosted at IRSA to include the appropriate acknowledgements and citations in any publications. See https://irsa.ipac.caltech.edu/ack.html for more details.

Last updated: 2023-02-08