NASA Planck Archive Known Bugs and Issues

Software version released: December 2015.

This list last updated: March 2016

Table of Contents

Reporting Bugs
Suggested Browsers
Known Major Bugs
Known Minor Bugs

Reporting Bugs

The known bugs and issues in this version of the NASA Planck Archive are listed here. If you think you have found a bug, before reporting it, please check this list, and read the online help. It may be a "feature" we already know about.

If you have found a real bug then please please report it to the Help Desk. Please include your operating system version and your browser software and version.

Suggested Browsers and Platforms

Older browser versions than these may work, but we may not be able to support bug fixes for them. We make no guarantees for anything on Solaris. Currently, the only Windows browser known to work is Firefox for Windows.

Known Major Bugs

Tangent plane projection bug

There is a known software bug in the tangent plane projection routine affecting versions prior to 2.0 which results in invalid beam files and cutouts being generated in the multiwavelength visualization tool when the input Galactic latitude falls in the range -42.1+/-1.4 deg.

Update: This bug was fixed in version 2.0 of the software.

Posted: 15 May 2013

Known Minor Bugs

    Catalog searches

  1. VO catalog results not displayed
  2. For VO catalog searches, the tool retrieves the catalog but is unable to display it.

    Workaround: Download the catalog yourself from another VO access point (see here) and upload it searpately to the tool.

    Posted: March 23, 2016

    Browser issues

  3. Odd browser behavior

    In most browsers, the pop-up help window should respect your preferences, e.g., if you want it in a new tab or a new window, it should go into a new tab or new window. For some browsers in some situations, this does not work, and in some cases, does nothing.

    Workaround: Click on the help button or tab again.

    Posted: 26 November 2012

    Visualization issues

  4. Moving layers pop-up
  5. When adding many layers to the images, the layers pop-up can become longer than your screen. If you scroll down to see the lower portion of the pop-up, the pop-up moves with you.

    Impact: low

    Workaround: Drag-and-drop the Layers pop-up, even a little, and then it will 'stick', and you can scroll down to the bottom.

    Posted: 15 December 2015

  6. For the new markers that are large footprints from telescopes, if you drag the center of the footprint off the image, you can't get it back onto the image.

    Impact: low

    Workaround: Use the "Layers" popup window to remove the layer, or restart the tool.

    Posted: 15 December 2015

  7. Data download issues

    Sometimes in Firefox or Safari, images loading seems never stop (the loading circle keeps spinning), although all the images are displayed in browser. When that happens, selecting and downloading images may stop working.

    Workaround: Either restart the browser, or change to another browser.

    Posted: 18 March 2013

Known Idiosyncracies

'Lost' Downloads

Depending on how your browser is configured, when you download data, your browser may save it in a counter-intuitive place. Under Safari (on the Mac), for small downloads, it might not appear to have done anything at all. It actually has; it's trying to be helpful by doing it quickly. To find where your browser has put your data, (a) search on your local disk for recently modified files; (b) look in the preferences for the browser configuration option of where to put downloaded files; or (c) look for a directory called "Downloads" or something similar.

Posted: 18 March 2013

'Suspended' session

Sometimes, if there is a network hiccup (e.g., you pick up and move your laptop to a different wireless hub), the archive can be left in a funny state, and does not continue to respond as it should. To avoid this, if you've accomplished a complex search that you want to continue working with or reproduce later, log in to the archive and save or tag the search. That way, you can recover it easily with a single click the next time you log in.

Posted: 18 March 2013

Strange behavior when requesting catalogs

Our catalog search options depend on other services, often other IRSA services, to search and display the catalogs. Sometimes these other services are down for maintenance or may be experiencing unusually heavy loads. On those occasions, the Planck archive user may get an "Unresponsive script" error or a "Call failed on the server" error. Please do let us know if you continue to get these errors; we may not be aware of an overloaded or down server.

Posted: 18 March 2013