Program Interface: Searching Catalogs

IRSA offers three program interfaces for searching catalogs. A brief description of each is given below, along with links to detailed instructions and examples.

Simple Cone Search (SCS)

SCS is a VO-compliant method of searching catalogs for sources that lie within a specified radius of any position on the sky. The output can be VO Table, IPAC Table, Comma Separated Values (CSV) table, Tab Separated Values table, or FITS table. The ability to upload a list of sources positions is not supported. Users interested in table upload functionality should use the TAP protocol (below).

Table Access Protocol (TAP)

TAP is a VO-compliant method of searching catalogs. TAP allows cone, box, polygon, and multi-position searches with optional SQL constraints, a variety of output formats, and the option of selecting output columns.

IRSA Catalog Search API

This is an older API that does not conform to VO standards and is included here for historical reasons. New users should choose from either of the two protocols above.