Lockman Hole

Preliminary deep (6x) 2MASS observations of the Lockman Hole are now available at:

http://irsa.ipac.caltech.edu/data/LH/ (Recommended method)

The data are also accessible from the command line via anonymous ftp:

  1. ftp to irsa.ipac.caltech.edu
  2. Use "anonymous" for the username, and enter your full-email address as a password.
  3. Type: 'cd Lockman_Hole'

The individual FITS images can be found under the subdirectory "/images."

These data represent a preliminary analysis of the deep 2MASS observations of this region, and are not a product endorsed by the 2MASS project. The ftp site contains a total of 2415 images, a catalog of image centers, a catalog of extracted sources, and a PDF version of the paper "A Deep 2MASS survey of the Lockman Hole," by Beichman et al, accepted for publication in the A.J.