Image Cutouts

The IRSA Cutouts Service is a companion service to Atlas; where Atlas returns entire images, Cutouts creates subimages from the original files, at locations and sizes requested by the user. Results can be downloaded individually, in batch mode (with wget), or as a tar file.

Detailed instructions on using the Cutouts service can be found here.

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More Data Sets: BOLOCAM | IRTS | MSX | MUSYC

Spitzer Heritage Archive Enhanced Imaging Products

Spitzer Heritage Archive Enhanced Imaging Products

Spitzer Legacy Programs - Galactic Data Sets

C2D: From Molecular Cores to Planet-Forming Disks
Cygnus-X: A Spitzer Legacy Survey of the Cygnus-X Complex
GLIMPSE: Galactic Legacy Infrared Midplane Survey Extraordinaire
MIPSGAL: A 24 and 70 Micron Survey of the Inner Galactic Disk with MIPS
MIPSGAL Team Access (password protected)
Taurus 2: Finishing the Spitzer Map of the Taurus Molecular Clouds

Spitzer Legacy Programs - Extragalactic Data Sets

CLASH: Cluster Lensing and Supernova survey with Hubble
FIDEL: Far-Infrared Deep Extragalactic Legacy Survey
GOODS: Great Observatories Origins Deep Survey - Spitzer and Ancillary Data
SAGE: Surveying the Agents of a Galaxy's Evolution
SAGE-SMC: Surveying the Agents of a Galaxy's Evolution in the Tidally-Disrupted, Low-Metallicity Small Magellanic Cloud
SEP: Spitzer MIPS 24 and 70 micron Imaging near the South Ecliptic Pole
SERVS: Spitzer Extragalactic Representative Volume Survey
SIMPLE: Spitzer IRAC/MUSYC Public Legacy Survey in the Extended Chandra Deep Field South
SpUDS: Spitzer Public Legacy Survey of the UKIDSS Ultra Deep Survey
SSDF: SPT-Spitzer Deep Field
SWIRE: Spitzer Wide-area InfraRed Extragalactic Survey

Spitzer - First Look Survey

Spitzer Extragalactic First Look Survey

Spitzer - Frontier Fields

Spitzer Frontier Fields

Spitzer - Contributed Data Sets

ELFLock: The Eureka Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL) Far-Infrared Lockman Hole Map
IRAC Ultra-Deep Field
Lockman Hole - 2MASS 6x Ancillary Data

Herschel Key Programs

HERITAGE: HERschel Inventory of the Agents of Galaxy Evolution
Herschel GOODS

Cosmic Evolution Survey with HST (COSMOS)

COSMOS Public Access
COSMOS Team Access (password protected)

Infrared Astronomical Satellite (IRAS)

The IRAS Galaxy Atlas (IGA)
The Extended IRAS Galaxy Atlas (EIGA)
The Mid-Infrared Galaxy Atlas (MIGA)
The IRAS Sky Survey Atlas (ISSA)
Improved Reprocessing of the IRAS Survey (IRIS)

The Two Micron All Sky Survey (2MASS)

2MASS Large Galaxy Atlas (LGA)
2MASS 6x Lockman Hole (LH) Ancillary Data Atlas

The Infrared Telescope in Space (IRTS)

The Infrared Telescope in Space (IRTS)

The Midcourse Space Experiment (MSX)

The Midcourse Space Experiment (MSX)

Contributed Data Sets

Multiwavelength Survey by Yale-Chile (MUSYC)