COSMOS Cutouts
Single Location
Cutout Size: (arcsec) [range: 1-900 arcsec]
Coordinate Examples:
  • 150.23983 +2.56283 eq
  • 10h 00m 57.56s +02d 33m 46.2s Equ J2000
  • 236.52321 +42.42665 ga
  • 10005347+0205032
Default: Equatorial J2000 Coordinate Help
NOTE: For single cutouts of COSMOS data larger than 900 arcsec, you can use Atlas, where the search size acts as your cutout size, up to 2.0 degrees.
Multiple Positions
(User Table Upload)
Table Upload Instructions: The input table should contain a list of coordinates or astronomical object names; a (cutout) size column is optional. Please see allowed table format information. A cutout size may be specified in a column in the input table, allowing for a different cutout size per position. Or, to have the same size cutouts for all input positions, specify one value in the Uniform Cutout size field below. Example table.
Table Table Format Help:
Uniform Cutout size (arcsec) [range: 1-900 arcsec]:
Or, specify a non-uniform cutout size here for each position in the table using a cutout size column name:
Cutout size column name:
Select COSMOS Data Sets
HST-ACS Mosaic (Mosaic v2.0 [cycle 12 + 13] in full resolution [0.03"/pix])
HST-ACS Tiles (v2.0 [cycle 12 + 13] tiles, including weight images, in full resolution [0.03"/pix])
HST-WFPC (615 PC and MOS Images)
HST-NICMOS (474 Science and weight Images; H band)
CANDELS (4 Science Images; F606W, F814W, F125W, F160W)
3D-HST (3 Science Images; F606W, F814W, F140W)
Ultra-Vista (Y, J, H, Ks, NB118 mosaics)
SUBARU (Mosaic v2.0; B, V, gp, rp, ip, zp, and intermediate Bands)
SUBARU Tiles (Tiles v2.0, including rms images; B, V, gp, rp, ip, zp, and intermediate Bands)
CFHT (i-band Mosaic v2.0, u-band Mosaic v5.0, Ks-band Mosaic 5.0, H-band Mosaic 1.0)
CFHT Tiles (i-band tiles v2.0, u-band tiles v5.0, Ks-band tiles 5.0, H-band tiles 1.0; science and rms images)
KPNO (Mosaic v3.0; Ks Band)
KPNO Tiles (Tiles v3.0; Ks Band science and rms images)
SDSS (720 Science and rms Images; g, i, r, u and z Band)
UKIRT (Mosaic v1.0; J Band)
UKIRT Tiles (Tiles v1.0; J Band science and rms images)
Spitzer-IRAC (Mosaic v1.0; Channels 1-4 science and ancillary images)
Spitzer-MIPS (Mosaics v1.0, v2.0; 24um, 70um, 160um science and ancillary images)
GALEX (4 pointings in NUV and FUV; intensity maps and weight files)
VLA (Large survey, Deep survey, 90 cm, and 3 GHz images)
XMM (Single image in three bands - Hard, Medium and Soft X-ray)
Chandra (Merged images - soft (0.5-2 keV), hard (2-7 keV), and full (0.5-7 keV) exposures)
Chandra (Baseline images - 49 Observation IDs with a range of exposure times)