Galactic Dust Reddening and Extinction

You can specify coordinates by selecting a position on the above all-sky map, a MONTAGE-generated mosaic of the individual IRAS 100 micron images created by Schlegel et al.

This service gives the Galactic dust reddening for a line of sight, returning a reddening map, the corresponding 100 micron intensity, and dust temperature, along with statistics for each. The total Galactic visual extinction is estimated and, in Single Location mode, extinctions at multiple wavelengths are estimated. The reddening estimates are from Schlegel, Finkbeiner & Davis (1998), who combined results of IRAS and COBE/DIRBE. Read more on the science background, technique and cautionary notes here: Background .

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NEW (July 2013): Newer estimates of Galactic dust extinction from Schlafly and Finkbeiner (2011) are now provided alongside those of Schlegel, Finkbeiner & Davis.

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