DUST Table Upload Examples

Use the [Browse...] button to select a table file on your computer for upload. The table file should be an ASCII file. The filename should not have spaces in it.

The service can accept a number of table formats and input types. But a simple format shown below is just "ra" and "dec" coordinates in IPAC Table Format. You can read about other possible formats here: Table Upload Help.

If Using the Default Value for the Image Sizes

If using the Default value for the image sizes, all that is needed is equatorial coordinates in decimal degrees (J2000) labeled with lower-case "ra" and "dec:

|  ra |  dec |      
|  double |  double |      
   10.684710     41.268749       
   92.820389    -66.155838       

If Using Settable Values for the Image Sizes

As above, but you can optionally set the sizes of the image cutouts in degrees with a column labelled "size". The default is 5 degrees.

|  ra |  dec |  size |      
|  double |  double |  double |      
|   |   |  deg |      
   10.684710     41.268749    5.0       
   92.820389    -66.155838    3.0       

You can download this example table .