FinderChart Table Upload


The table upload feature reads coordinates and optional parameters from an input table. Only the coordinate fields are required; all other parameters default to what is specified on the Main FinderChart page unless specifically included in the table. The name of your upload table can be typed in directly or selected using the [Browse...] button.

The input table file must be created on the client machine and the format is quite flexible. The following two paragraphs provide formatting guidelines and helps for ensure your table be successfully uploaded.

Most of IRSA's services allow users to enter single objects or coordinates into a web form, or they can upload a file containing multiple objects and coordinates. The latter method is called "Table Upload," for which IRSA accepts four ASCII table formats:

There are two ways to ensure your tables will work with IRSA's services:

  1. Run your tables through IRSA's Table Reformat and Validation tool to identify possible errors.
  2. Read and follow the Using Tables With IRSA Services help document to learn and troubleshoot table formats, including:
    • Detailed descriptions of the four acceptable table formats
    • A description of how sexagesimal and Galactic coordinates are handled by IRSA services
    • Best practices for creating tables
    • Troubleshooting solutions for common error messages

Example Test Tables:

Example 1: all input columns are specified; download example1.tbl

|objname|  ra   |  dec |csys|equinox|size| flip|reproject|grid|marker| survey             |
 M51                                 5.0  false false     1    1      [DSS] [2MASS]        
 M109                                5.0  false false     1    1      [SDSS] [DSS] [2MASS] 
 M101    -125.0  -89.0  equ  j2000   3.0  false true      1    0      [2MASS]              

Example 2: a list of ra and dec positions, all other parameters are taken from your settings on the main FinderChart input page; download example2.tbl

| ra               | dec          |
 13h29m52.37s       +47d11m40.8s   
 -125.0             -89.0          
 07 46 42.56        +20 00 32.1    
 240.0              32.0           
 116.67733          20.00892       
 318.99             -16.61         

Example 3: a list of object names; download example3.tbl

| objname |

Example 4: selected columns are used; download example4.tbl

| objname | ra     | dec     | size   | flip   |
 M101                          4.0     false    
           -125.0   -89.0      3.0     true     

Input Paramters