WISE/NEOWISE Coadder Table Upload Examples

Use the [Browse...] button to select a table file on your computer for upload. The table file should be an ASCII file. The filename should not have spaces in it.

The service can accept a number of table formats and input types. But a simple format shown below has "ra" and "dec" coordinates in IPAC Table Format. You can read about other possible formats here: Table Upload Help. (WISE/NEOWISE Coadder generally follows the same rules as the Dust Extinction service.)

If Using Global Values

If using Global Values for the adjustable parameters, all that is needed is equatorial coordinates in decimal degrees (J2000):

|  ra |  dec |      
|  double |  double |      
   150.23983    2.56283        

If Using Values Preset in Table

If using preset values for the adjustable parameters, include additional columns as shown in the example table linked below, as needed. For parameters not present, or with no valid value, the Global Values will be used.

Download the example table .