Submillimeter Wave Astronomy Satellite ) Spectrum Server  
SWAS was a NASA Small Explorer Project (SMEX) launched in December 1998 that studied the chemical composition of interstellar gas clouds. The Principal Investigator was Dr. Gary Melnick, Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics (CfA).
This server provides data access and visualization (ASCII tables, CLASS and FITS formats) for spectra that were released by the SWAS Science Operations Center at CfA.
SWAS Science and Instrument Description (Melnick, et al. 2000)
SWAS Mission Page (CfA)
SWAS Data Products (NASA GSFC)
SWAS Spectrum Server User's Guide
Program Interface
Tenth SWAS Data Release (June 2005)     Release Notes
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Coordinates Cone Search instruction
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Ex.   315.5780 36.6930 Equ J2000   or  B5
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Search Radius
Max. search radius is 10 deg. Default is 1 deg.
Species:   O2
(487.249 GHz)
(556.936 GHz)
  C I
(492.161 GHz)
(550.927 GHz)
(548.676 GHz)