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2MASS Science Publications

Papers published in 2004

  1. The Cosmological Evolution of Quasar Black-Hole Masses, R.J. McLure & J.S. Dunlop, 2004, MNRAS, 352, 1390.

  2. The nearest cool white dwarf (d~4pc), the coolest M-type subdwarf (sdM9.5), and other high proper motion discoveries, R-D. Scholz, I. Lehmann, I. Matute, H. Zinnecker, 2004, A&A, 425, 519.

  3. Empirical Modeling of the Stellar Spectrum of Galaxies, Li, Cheng; Wang, Ting-Gui; Zhou, Hong-Yan; Dong, Xiao-Bo; Cheng, Fu-Zhen, 2005, AJ, 129, 669.

  4. Dust Reddening in SDSS Quasars, Hopkins, Philip F.; Strauss, Michael A.; Hall, Patrick B.; Richards, Gordon T.; Cooper, Ariana S.; Schneider, Donald P.; Vanden Berk, Daniel E.; Jester, Sebastian; Brinkmann, J.; Szokoly, Gyula P., 2004, AJ, 128, 1112.

  5. The All Sky Automated Survey. The Catalog of Variable Stars. III. 12h - 18h Quarter of the Southern Hemisphere, Pojmanski, G.; Maciejewski, G., 2004, AcA, 54, 53.

  6. Candidate Type II Quasars from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey. II. From Radio to X-Rays, Zakamska, Nadia L.; Strauss, Michael A.; Heckman, Timothy M.; Ivezic, Zeljko; Krolik, Julian H., 2004, AJ, 128, 1002.

  7. A low-mass stellar companion of the planet host star HD75289, Mugrauer, M.; Neuhauser, R.; Mazeh, T.; Alves, J.; Guenther, E., 2004, A&A, 425, 249.

  8. The NGC 7129 Young Stellar Cluster: A Combined Spitzer, MMT, and Two Micron All Sky Survey Census of Disks, Protostars, and Outflows, Gutermuth, Robert A.; Megeath, S. Thomas; Muzerolle, James; Allen, Lori E.; Pipher, Judith L.; Myers, Philip C.; Fazio, Giovanni G., 2004, ApJS, 154, 374.

  9. The origin of massive O-type field stars. I. A search for clusters, de Wit, W. J.; Testi, L.; Palla, F.; Vanzi, L.; Zinnecker, H, 2004, A&A, 425, 937.

  10. Linking Gas Fractions to Bimodalities in Galaxy Properties, Kannappan, S. J., 2004, AAS, 2051, 2201.

  11. Detection of a companion to the pulsating sdB Feige 48, O'Toole, S. J.; Heber, U.; Benjamin, R. A.>, 2004, A&A, 422, 1053.

  12. Long Period Variables in the Magellanic Clouds: OGLE + 2 MASS + DENIS, , Groenewegen, M. A. T, 2004, A&A, 425, 595.

  13. Infrared Surface Brightness Fluctuations of Magellanic Star Clusters, Gonzalez, Rosa A.; Liu, Michael C.; Bruzual A., Gustavo, 2004, ApJ, 611, 270.

  14. NGC 2180: A disrupting open cluster?, Bonatto, C.; Bica, E.; Pavani, D. B., 2004, A&A, 427, 485.

  15. Astrometric confirmation of a wide low-mass companion to the planet host star HD89744, Mugrauer, M.; Neuhuser, R.; Mazeh, T.; Guenther, E.; Fernandez, M., 2004, AN, 325, 718.

  16. Optical and infrared photometry of new very low-mass stars and brown dwarfs in the Sigma Orionis cluster, Bijar, V. J. S.; Zapatero Osorio, M. R.; Rebolo, R, 2004,AN, 325, 705.

  17. Long-Term Evolution of FU Ori-Type Stars at Infrared Wavelengths, A. Kospal, P. Abraham, Sz. Csizmadia, 2004, BaltA, 13, 518.

  18. Long Period Variables In the LMC: Results from MACHO and 2MASS, O.J. Fraser, S.L. Hawley, K.H. Cook, & S.C. Keller, 2004, AJ, 129, 768.

  19. The 2MASS Color-Magnitude Diagram of the Globular Cluster Lynga 7, A. Sarajedini (UF), 2004, AJ, 128,1228.

  20. The Effect of Hot Gas in WMAP's First Year Data, C. Hernandez-Monteagudo (MPA), R. Genova-Santos (IAC), & F. Atrio-Barandela (USalamanca), 2004, ApJL, 613, L89.

  21. The 6dF Galaxy Survey: Samples, Observational Techniques and the First Data Release, Jones, D. Heath; Saunders, Will; Colless, Matthew; Read, Mike A.; Parker, Quentin A.; Watson, Fred G.; Campbell, Lachlan A.; Burkey, Daniel; Mauch, Thomas; Moore, Lesa; et al., 2004, MNRAS, 355, 747.

  22. CAIRNS: The Cluster And Infall Region Nearby Survey II. Environmental Dependence of Infrared Mass-to-Light Ratios, K. Rines, M.J. Geller, A. Diaferio, M.J. Kurtz, T.H. Jarrett, 2004, AJ, 128, 1078.

  23. Measuring Shapes of Galaxy Images II: Structure of 2MASS Galaxies, N. Rahman & S.F. Shandarin (Kansas), 2003, MNRAS, 354, 235.

  24. Two new EC14026 stars: PG 0048+091 and PG 0154+182, C. Koen, D. O'Donoghue, D. Kilkenny (SAAO), D.L. Pollacco, 2004, NewA, 9, 565.

  25. Discovery of three optical open clusters in the Galaxy, E. Bica, C. Bonatto (U.Federal, Brazil), & C. M. Dutra (U.Estadual, Brazil), 2004, A&A, 422, 555.

  26. PSR B1951+32: A Bow Shockconfined X-Ray Nebula, a Synchrotron Knot, and an Optical Counterpart Candidate, Moon, D.-S.; Lee, J.-J.; Eikenberry, S. S.; Koo, B.-C.; Chatterjee, S.; Kaplan, D. L.; Hester, J. J.; Cordes, J. M.; Gallant, Y. A.; Koch-Miramond, al., 2004, ApJ, 610, L33.

  27. The Substellar Population of the Young Cluster Lambda Orionis, D. Barrado y Navascues, J.R. Stauffer, J. Bouvier, R. Jayawardhana, & J.-C. Cuillandre, 2004, ApJ, 610, 1064.

  28. Limits on I-Band Microvariability of the Galactic Bulge Mira Variables, P.R. Wozniak, K.E. McGowan, & W.T. Vestrand (LANL), 2004, ApJ, 610, 1038.

  29. A Very Large Array Search for Water Masers in Six H II Regions: Tracers of Triggered Low-Mass Star Formation, K.R. Healy, J.J. Hester, & M.J. Claussen, 2004, ApJ, 610, 835.

  30. K-band Properties of Galaxy Clusters and Groups: Luminosity Function, Radial Distribution and Halo Occupation Number, Y.-T. Lin, J.J. Mohr (UIUC), & S.A. Stanford (LLNL/Davis), 2004, ApJ, 610, 745.

  31. Discovery of a Dusty Ring in the Coalsack: A Dense Core Caught in the Act of Formation?, C.J. Lada, T.L. Huard, L.J. Crews, & J.F Alves, 2004, ApJ, 610, 303.

  32. Diffuse X-Ray Emission in Spiral Galaxies, K. Tyler, A.C. Quillen, A. LaPage, & G.H. Rieke, 2004, ApJ, 610, 213.

  33. Near-Infrared Colors of Hard X-ray Selected Active Galactic Nuclei, C. Watanabe, K. Ohta, M. Akiyama, Y. Ueda, 2004, ApJ, 610, 128.

  34. Spatial Locality of Galaxy Correlation Function in Phase Space: Samples from the 2MASS Extended Source Catalog, Y. Guo, Y.-Q. Chu, & L.-Z. Fang, 2004, ApJ, 610, 51.

  35. The J-Band Light Curve of SN 2003lw, Associated with GRB 031203, Gal-Yam, A.; Moon, D.-S.; Fox, D. B.; Soderberg, A. M.; Kulkarni, S. R.; Berger, E.; Cenko, S. B.; Yost, S.; Frail, D. A.; Sako, M.; et al., 2004, ApJ, 609, L59.

  36. SN 2003lw and GRB 031203: A Bright Supernova for a Faint Gamma-Ray Burst, Malesani, D.; Tagliaferri, G.; Chincarini, G.; Covino, S.; Della Valle, M.; Fugazza, D.; Mazzali, P. A.; Zerbi, F. M.; D'Avanzo, P.; Kalogerakos, S.; et al., 2004, ApJ, 609, L5.

  37. On the Afterglow of the X-Ray Flash of 2003 July 23: Photometric Evidence for an Off-Axis Gamma-Ray Burst with an Associated Supernova?, Fynbo, J. P. U.; Sollerman, J.; Hjorth, J.; Grundahl, F.; Gorosabel, J.; Weidinger, M.; Moller, P.; Jensen, B. L.; Vreeswijk, P. M.; Fransson, C.; et al., 2004, ApJ, 609, 962.

  38. Spectroscopy of Candidate Members of the Eta Cha and MBM12 Young Associations, K.L. Luhman & D. Steeghs (CfA), 2004, ApJ, 609, 917.

  39. Measuring Fundamental Parameters of Substellar Objects. II. Masses and Radii, S. Mohanty, R. Jayawardhana, & G. Basri, 2004, ApJ, 609, 885.

  40. Cooler and Bigger than Previously Thought? Planetary Host Stellar Parameters from the Infrared Flux Method, Ramirez, Ivan; Melendez, Jorge, 2004, ApJ, 609, 417.

  41. Meeting the Cool Neighbors VIII: A Preliminary 20-Parsec Census from the NLTT Catalogue, Reid, I. Neill; Cruz, Kelle L.; Allen, Peter; Mungall, F.; Kilkenny, D.; Liebert, James; Hawley, Suzanne L.; Fraser, Oliver J.; Covey, Kevin R.; Lowrance, Patrick; et al., 2004, AJ, 128, 463.

  42. The Solar Neighborhood VIII: Discovery of New High Proper Motion Nearby Stars Using the SuperCOSMOS Sky Survey, N.C. Hambly, T.J. Henry, J. Subasavage, M. Brown, W.-C. Jao, 2004, AJ, 128, 437.

  43. Discovery of a Huge Young Stellar Object Interaction Region in Camelopardalis, M.L. McCall, R.J. Buta, T.J. Foster, W. Huchtmeier, & J. Huchra, 2004, AJ, 128, 375.

  44. A Two Micron All Sky Survey View of the Sagittarius Dwarf Galaxy. II. Swope Telescope Spectroscopy of M Giant Stars in the Dynamically Cold Sagittarius Tidal Stream, S.R. Majewski; et al., 2004, AJ, 128, 245.

  45. Probing the Canis Major stellar over-density as due to the Galactic warp, Y. Momany (U.Padova); et al., 2004, A&A, 421, L29.

  46. The Liverpool-Edinburgh high proper motion catalogue, R.S. Pokorny, H.R.A. Jones, N.C. Hambly, & D.J. Pinfield, A&A, 421, 763.

  47. Astrometric proof of companionship for the L dwarf companion candidate GJ 1048B, A. Seifahrt, R. Neuhauser, & M. Mugrauer, 2004, A&A, 421, 255.

  48. A Search for Main-Sequence Companions to Subdwarf B Stars Using the Two Micron All Sky Survey, M.D. Reed & R. Stiening, 2004, PASP, 116, 506.

  49. A Comprehensive CCD Photometric Study of the Open Cluster NGC 2421, R.K.S. Yadav (IUCAA, Pune) & Ram Sagar (State Obs., Nainital), 2004, MNRAS, 351, 667.

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