Appendix 4. 2MASS Calibration Scan Working Databases and Atlas Images

1. Overview

c. Cautionary Notes

  1. General Calibration Scan Notes
  2. Calibration Scan Point Source Working Databases
  3. Calibration Scan Extended Source Working Databases
  4. Calibration Scan Image Atlas

Before using the 2MASS extended mission calibration scan data products, users are strongly encouraged to familiarize themselves with the Cautionary Notes to the All-Sky Data Release data products in 1.6. The 2MASS calibration observations were interspersed with the main survey observations during 2MASS operations, and were made with the same facilities using the same observing mode. The calibration scan data were reduced with a the same software pipeline used for the main survey data. Therefore, most of the characteristics and limitations associated with the All-Sky Release data products will apply to the calibration scan data products.

The sections below describe features and caveats that are unique to the calibration scan data products and highlight a few of the important features that are common to both the calibration and main survey products. These sections are intended to supplement the Cautionary Notes to the All-Sky Data Release but not to replace them.

i. General Calibration Scan Notes

ii. Calibration Point Source Working Databases (Cal-PSWDB and LMC/SMC Cal-PSWDB)

iii. Calibration Extended Source Working Databases (Cal-XSWDB and LMC/SMC Cal-XSWDB)

iv. Calibration Scan Image Atlas

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