Cosmic Evolution Survey (COSMOS) Data Access
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You can get a close-up map of a region by clicking on any area on the above image, or by typing a coordinate below.
  • Background greyscale image is a mosaic of COSMOS SDSS 'i' band data, and is used to visualize the COSMOS area of interest
  • The red box shows the COSMOS area of interest. Image coverage outside this area is incomplete.
  • The magenta squares show the 1332 Magellan spectra sources in the field.
  • Target Selection Single Object
    (Name or Coords)
    Table Upload
    (Multi Object) Instructions
    Size (deg):
    [maximum 2.0]
    Images must cover coordinate
    Source Search Radius:
    [maximum 1.0 deg]
    Search Whole Region
    Coordinate Examples:
    • 150.425933 2.430235 eq
    • 10h 01m 42.22s +02d 25m 48.8s Equ J2000
    • 236.81567 +42.50152 ga
    • CGCG 036-024
    Default: Equatorial J2000
    Click here for more information and instructions on using Atlas Instructions
    Also available is a Program Interface to Atlas.