This webpage contains a set of galaxy postage stamps (and other auxiliary data) associated with the SHERA software package, which uses COSMOS images to simulate ground-based data, and can be obtained here. There are 26,113 galaxies included, with F814W<22.5.

Detailed information about the galaxy selection and the generation of these images can be obtained from the SHERA website (and the associated paper, Mandelbaum et al. 2011). In brief, the COSMOS galaxy postage stamps are MultiDrizzle outputs with a pixel scale of 0.03", including the application of CTI corrections. The size of the image for each galaxy was adaptively chosen based on the galaxy size itself. Any other objects in the postage stamp were masked out with a correlated noise map mimicking the noise properties of the rest of the postage stamp. Additional files included are a weight map for each galaxy, a PSF image for each galaxy, an image of the SDSS PSF at that position, and a postage stamp image of the galaxy in SDSS (if it is detected). The contents of the two tarfiles, and the file naming conventions, are in the README file. A small fraction (around 1%) of the postage stamps may not be usable due to issues with the masking of nearby objects; these unusable ones are flagged in the object catalogs at the SHERA website.

COSMOS Galaxy Postage Stamps
COSMOS Galaxy Postage Stamp Weights