Cassata Morphology Catalog v1.1 Definitions

COSMOS Overview

The COSMOS Archive serves data taken for the Cosmic Evolution Survey (COSMOS) project. COSMOS is an astronomical survey designed to probe the formation and evolution of galaxies as a function of cosmic time (redshift) and large scale structural environment. The survey covers a 2 square degree equatorial field with imaging by most of the major space-based telescopes (Hubble, Spitzer, GALEX, XMM, Chandra) and a number of large ground based telescopes (Subaru, VLA, ESO-VLT, UKIRT, NOAO, CFHT, and others).

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Cassata Morphology Catalog v1.1 Column Definitions

Gator serves the Cassata Morphology Catalog v1.1 (18 columns [13 delivered + 5 IRSA-created], 232,022 data rows). The column descriptions can be found below.

Column Name Data Type Units Description
ID int   Identification number
RA float degrees Right ascension
DEC float degrees Declination
MAG_AUTO_ACS float mag Auto magnitutde
R_PETRO float pixels Petrosian radius
R_HALF float pixels Half light radius
CONC_PETRO float   Petrosian concentration
ASYMMETRY float   Asymmetry
GINI float   Gini coefficient
M20 float   M20
AxialRatio float   Ratio of minor to major axis
AUTOCLASS int   Class
CLASSWEIGHT float   Weight