S-COSMOS Overview

S-COSMOS is a deep infrared imaging survey carried out with the Spitzer Space Telescope. The survey covers the entire 2 square degrees of the Cosmic Evolution Survey (COSMOS) field. The S-COSMOS and COSMOS projects are closely coupled; therefore, their data are served as one large COSMOS Archive using IRSA's general search service, Atlas. S-COSMOS is part of the Spitzer Legacy Program. The data products released are part of the Spitzer General Observer Cycle 2 (GO2) program, including predominantly IRAC products (images and catalog). MIPS data include shallow images/catalogs covering the entire COSMOS field. There are also deep MIPS images covering only a test field of 0.16 sq. degrees for the upcoming GO3 program. The GO3 products will become public in September 2008.

S-COSMOS MIPS 24um (GO3) Photometry Catalog Definitions

Gator serves 3 S-COSMOS MIPS 24um Photometry Catalogs:

The definitions below are only for the G03 "MIPS 24um Photometry Catalog, Oct 2008"; column descriptions for the G02 MAIN and DEEP MIPS 24um catalog can be found here.

Please refer to the MIPS 24um data delivery README file for general information on S-COSMOS catalogs and images.

The column descriptions can be found below.

Column Name Data Type Units Description
Source-ID integer n/a Identification number of the source
ra float degrees Right Ascension, degree J2000
dec float degrees Declination, degree J2000
Total_flux float n/a Total flux
flux_err float n/a Flux error.