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The Infrared Telescope in Space (IRTS) is a cryogenically cooled, small infrared telescope that flew from March - April in 1995. It surveyed approximately 10% of the sky with a relatively wide beam during its 20 day mission. An overview of IRTS, as well as more detailed information, is provided by the Institute of Space and Astronautical Science (ISAS) and the Infrared Astronomical Databese of IRTS (DARTS) in Sagamihara, Japan. Four focal-plane instruments, the Near-Infrared Spectrometer (NIRS), the Mid-Infrared Spectrometer (MIRS), the Far-Infrared Line Mapper (FILM), and the Far-Infrared Photometer (FIRP) made simultaneous observations of the sky at wavelengths ranging from 1 to 1000 um. Instrument summary information can be found here.

If you use IRTS data, please cite both the journal article Murakami et al. (1994) and the dataset Digital Object Identifier (DOI): 10.26131/IRSA179.

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Data Set Characteristics

Data ProductDescriptionData Access
Images IRTS/MIRS 5.5-11.7 micron
IRTS/FILM 155, 158 micron
IRTS/FIRP 50, 400, 700 micron
Spectra IRTS/NIRS 1.4-4.0 micron
IRTS/MIRS 5.5-11.7 micron

IRTS Documentation

IRTS Explanatory Supplement
NIRS PSC documentation