Planck Public Data Release 3 Maps

Thermal Sunyaev Zeldovich (SZ) Effect maps

We distribute here the Planck full mission Compton parameter maps (y-maps hereafter) obtained using the NILC and MILCA component separation algorithms as described in Planck-2015-A28. We also provide the ILC weights per scale and per frequency that were used to produce these y-maps. Compton parameters produced by keeping either the first or the second half of stable pointing periods are also provided and we call them FIRST and LAST y-maps. Additionally we construct noise estimates of full mission Planck y-maps from the half difference of the FIRST and LAST y-maps. These estimates are used to construct standard deviation maps of the noise in the full mission Planck y-maps that are also provided. To complement this we also provide the power spectra of the noise estimate maps after correcting for inhomogeneities using the standard deviation maps. We also deliver foreground masks including point-source and galactic masks.

The full data set is contained in a single gzipped tarball named COM_CompMap_Compton-SZMap_R2.02.tgz.

Planck Maps