C2D Overview

IRSA provides access to data from the final delivery (DR4, Fall 2006 and Fall 2007) of the Spitzer Space Telescope "From Molecular Cores to Planet-Forming Disks" (c2d) Legacy Project. The data are also available as Enhanced Products from the Spitzer Science Center (SSC).

c2d has delivered 867 catalogs. IRSA has merged these delivered catalogs into four groups - Clouds, Off-Cloud, Cores, Stars - and serves them through the general catalog search engine Gator. Many of the delivered catalogs, images and spectra are accessible through IRSA's general search service, Atlas. A summary of the catalogs types and how to access them is as follows:

Catalog Name Content Gator Access (merged) Atlas Access
(as delivered)
FULL Complete source lists (Section 3.2 of c2d data delivery document [ps | pdf]) Y Y
HREL Derived from the full catalogs are high reliability catalogs (Section 3.2.1 [ps | pdf]) Y Y
YSOc Derived from the full catalogs are young stellar object candidates (Section 3.2.2 [ps | pdf]) Y Y
MM Millimeter wavelength source lists (Section 3.2.3 [ps | pdf]) Y Y
Transients Catalogs of transients in two epochs (Section 3.2.4 [ps | pdf]) Y N
resampled-SWIRE Resampled sources in the ELAIS N1 field measured by the SWIRE Legacy Project, that have been used to study c2d background contamination (Section 3.8 [ps | pdf]) N
(see footnote 1 for download information) 1
(see footnote 1 for download information) 1

1 resampled-SWIRE catalogs can be downloaded in their entirety per cloud (CHA_II, LUP, OPH, PER, and SER).

The data are also available for direct download as follows: images and associated catalogs are organized according to object type - CORES or STARS - or the names of 5 major CLOUDS - ChamaeleonII (CHA_II), Lupus (LUP), Ophiuchus (OPH), Perseus (PER) and Serpens (SER); IRS spectra and MIPS SED's are organized by object name.

C2D Millimeter Source Catalog Definitions

Gator serves one C2D Millimeter Source merged catalog, created by IRSA. The data comes from catalog-OPH-mmsources.tbl, catalog-PER-mmsources.tbl and catalog-SER-mmsources.tbl files. The "region" column in the merged indicates which Cloud the data originated from: OPH, PER or SER.

Please refer to the data delivery documentation for further information. The column descriptions can be found below.

name intype units description
regionchar Region or cloud from which this catalog was drawn. Please see section above for the derivation of region column values. All possible region string values in the merged MM catalog are "OPH", "PER" and "SER".
Bolo_IDchar Bolocam source name
RAfloatdegreeRight Ascension [J2000]
DecfloatdegreeDeclination [J2000]
Peak_fluxfloatJy_per_beamPeak flux density per beam
D_Peak_fluxfloatJy_per_beamUncertainty in Peak_flux
S_Nfloat Signal-to-noise ratio of Peak_flux
Flux_40asecfloatJyIntegrated flux density in 40-arcsec diameter aperture
D_Flux_40asecfloatJyUncertainty in Flux_40asec
Flux_80asecfloatJyIntegrated flux density in 80-arcsec diameter aperture
D_Flux_80asecfloatJyUncertainty in Flux_80asec
Flux_120asecfloatJyIntegrated flux density in 120-arcsec diameter aperture
D_Flux_120asecfloatJyUncertainty in Flux_120asec
Total_fluxfloatJyTotal integrated flux
D_Total_fluxfloatJyUncertainty in Total_flux
FWHM_minorfloatarcsecFWHM along source minor axis
D_FWHM_minorfloatarcsecUncertainty in FWHM_minor
FWHM_majorfloatarcsecFWHM along source major axis
D_FWHM_majorfloatarcsecUncertainty in FWHM_major
PAintdegreePosition angle
D_PAintdegreeUncertainty in PA
Mass_10KfloatM_sunTotal isothermal mass for T=10K
D_Mass_10KfloatM_sunUncertainty in Mass_10K
Peak_AvintmagnitudesVisual extinction calculated from Peak_flux
mean_densitycharper_cubic_cmMean particle density (assuming spherical source)
Morphologychar Description of source shape and environment
Spitzer_YSOchar Association with one (yes) or more (multiple) c2d YSO(s)
SSTc2d_IDchar c2d source name of nearest YSO