Spitzer Enhanced Imaging Products:
Super Mosaics and Source List Overview

The Spitzer Science Center and IRSA have released a set of Enhanced Imaging Products (SEIP) from the Spitzer Heritage Archive. These include Super Mosaics (combining data from multiple programs where appropriate) and a Source List of photometry for compact sources. The primary requirement on the Source List is very high reliability -- with areal coverage, completeness, and limiting depth being secondary considerations. The SEIP include data from the four channels of IRAC (3.6, 4.5, 5.8, 8 microns) and the 24 micron channel of MIPS. The full set of products for the Spitzer cryogenic mission includes around 42 million sources.

This page provides access to the Cryogenic Release v3.0 (CR3). CR3 is an update to the CR2 and features greater sky coverage and an improved processing pipeline. CR3 includes Spitzer data taken during commissioning and cryogenic operations, including calibration data. In fields with only MIPS data, sources are included in the source list only if they have a 2MASS or high-reliability WISE association.

To ensure high reliability, strict cuts are placed on extracted sources, and some legitimate sources may appear to be missing. These sources are removed by cuts in size, compactness, blending, shape, and SNR, along with multi-band detection requirements. In most fields, the completeness of the source list is well matched to expectations for a SNR=10 cut off. However, in extremely difficult regions, the list may be highly incomplete, especially in areas of high surface brightness and/or high source surface density (e.g. galactic star forming regions, the areas around bright sources, and areas in extended nearby galaxies). Please visually inspect the images for all galactic cases or if a mask flag is set.

IF you use SEIP data, please cite the dataset Digital Object Identifier (DOI): 10.26131/IRSA433.

Service Primary Downloadable Product Interface Type Image Previews? Catalog Overlays and XY Plots? Access to original observations?
Spitzer Heritage Archive Super Mosaics and Tables Web one at a time Yes Yes
Image Search (Atlas) Super Mosaics Web and Program grid Yes No
Cutouts Server Super Mosaics cutouts Web and Program No No No
Catalog Search (Gator) Tables Web and Program No No No
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