Spitzer SDSS Statistical Spectroscopic Survey (S5)
The Spitzer SDSS Statistical Spectroscopic Survey (S5) is a Cycle-5 Spitzer Legacy program to acquire 5 to 40 micron mid-infrared spectroscopy of a representative sample of galaxies from SDSS, selected for having prior photometric coverage in the UV and Halpha fluxes greater than 3x10-15 erg/s/cm2. The S5 project is an extension of the SSGSS over a larger set of SDSS sources (292) and narrower redshift range. In addition, the S5 sample was selected without mid-IR prior.
These data represent the first public data release of the full S5 sample. The dataset includes short-low, long-low, and short-high IRS spectroscopy for the full sample. Sources have been selected in 48 patches of at least 5 sources spatially separated by less than 30' in order to take advantage of the cluster observing mode of Spitzer.
You can get a close-up map of a region by clicking on any of the red overlays on the above image, or by typing a coordinate below.
The 292 S5 objects are represented as overlays in red on the all-sky image above. Use the form below to enter a coordinate or object name to search for data, or click on any red region to get a close-up of the area; or click on the any of the S5 object names for a summary page of each object. Summary pages are created by IRSA to aid with data layout and visualization; these pages contain previews and links to all files provided by S5 for that object.
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