SAGE-SMC Spitzer and Ancillary Data
The above image shows the IRAC (3.6 and 8.0um) and MIPS (24um) SAGE-SMC images. Use the form below to enter a coordinate or object name to search for data, or click on any region to get a close-up of the area.
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  • 302.7969 -44.2992 ga
  • SMC
Default: Equatorial J2000
Spitzer data from the Legacy survey of the Small Magellanic Cloud "SAGE-SMC: Surveying the Agents of Galaxy Evolution in the Tidally-Disrupted, Low-Metallicity Small Magellanic Cloud" and the warm missions program "An Infrared Survey of Variability in the Magellanic Clouds" (SAGE-Var) are available here using spatial and visualization tools.
SAGE-SMC: The third delivery (DR3, Final) from SAGE-SMC. See the data products document for details on all SAGE-SMC data products. See the SAGE-Var documentation for details on the SAGE-Var catalogs.
  • The SAGE-SMC IRAC and MIPS catalogs and SAGE-Var IRAC catalogs are available using IRSA's Catalog Search engine.
  • Available here using a spatial search are IRAC and MIPS image mosaics. IRAC mosaics are available at both 2" pixel scale and at 1.2" pixel scale. Residual image mosaics are available at all IRAC and MIPS wavelengths.
  • Also available are SAGE-SMC image "cutouts" using IRSA's Cutouts Service, which is a general tool to create single or multiple small FITS (and JPEGs) image cutouts of datasets archived at IRSA.
  • Additionally, IRAC observation time stamp image mosaics are available for download only (not searchable).
If you make use of SAGE-SMC data, please cite Gordon et al. (2011). If you make use of SAGE-Var data, please cite Riebel et al. (2015).
Access all the Spitzer Legacy datasets at IRSA.
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