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Spitzer Data Analysis Cookbook


Appendix A.      Version Log


Version 6.0, June 2017:

       Several edits were made to Recipes 1-7


Version 5.0.1, October 2012:

       Fixed broken links


Version 5.0, January 2012:

       Updated Recipes 1 and 2 for the Spitzer Hertiage Archive v 3.0


Version 4.0.1, June 2011:

       Fixed broken links


Version 4.0, April 2011:

Removed obsolete recipe "Downloading Data from the Spitzer Archive using Leopard".


Version 3.0, February 2011:

Updated Recipe 7, "MOPEX/APEX: Point Source Photometry from IRAC Images"


Version 2.0, September 2010:

Two recipes have been added to describe the use of the Spitzer Heritage Archive (Recipe 1 and Recipe 2).


Updated Recipe 3 (“COSMOS IRAC channel 1 Mosaic”) to include advice on what would change for a shallower or deeper survey.  This recipe also now includes a warning about how drizzle modifies the nois properties of an image in a non-linear manner.  Finally, the recipe includes an update about the new background subtraction algorithm implemented in the medfilter module in MOPEX 18.2.


Added Recipe 6, "Making an IRAC Array Location Dependent Correction Mosaic"


        Added Recipe 7, "MOPEX/APEX: Point Source Photometry from IRAC Images"


       Added Recipe 18,  "IRSCLEAN, COAD, and SPICE: Mrk 273 LH Data"


SMART recipes have been updated (Recipe 19 and Recipe 20).