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Welcome to the Spitzer Data Analysis pages

Here you will find all of the documentation and software for use with the Basic Calibrated Data (BCDs) you obtain from Spitzer. This suite of software is also known as the "Post-BCD" software. All of the tools listed by name below are "Supported Software", distributed and supported by the SSC. If you have any problems with them, please contact the Helpdesk for assistance.

Contributed Software has been contributed by the Spitzer User Community. The SSC has no control over this software and offers no support; users should contact the authors listed on the individual pages for assistance.

For information on reducing and analyzing your Spitzer data, see the Instrument Handbooks listed below. See Chapter 8 of the Handbooks for an introduction to data analysis. There is a guide to common artifacts and mitigation techniques in Chapter 7 of the Handbooks, and for IRAC, users should see Appendix B of the IRAC Instrument Handbook for a quick guide to photometry. All users should check the Spitzer Data Analysis Cookbook for walkthroughs with example datasets.

IRAC Instrument Handbook
MIPS Instrument Handbook
IRS Instrument Handbook

The Spitzer Data Analysis Cookbook is a collection of recipes for reducing Spitzer data. Each recipe includes of an example data set which can be downloaded from the Spitzer archive, along with step-by-step instructions for how to address a particular data reduction problem using commonly-used software and tools. For access to the files referenced in the cookbook, please see this page.