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Appendix L. Version Log


Version 4.0 (Final), 2021 September:


Added information about superboresight pointing keyword changes into Section 5.3.2. Added information about the first frame effect into Section 5.1.10. Added the DOI into Section 1.1.


Version 3.0.1, 2021 January:


Updated uncertainty values in Table 4.2.


Version 3, 2020 December:


Rearranged large parts of the document, added high precision photometry and warm mission  information.


Version 2.1.2, 2015 November:


S18.18 warm mission information added to Appendix A. Typo in equation in Section 2.2.2 corrected.


      Version 2.1.1, 2015 October:


S19.2 added to Appendix A.


      Version 2.1, 2015 February:


Added information about the warm mission to several sections and updated the aperture corrections.


Version 2.0.3, 2013 February:


Typo in Table 4.7 fixed: the 3.6 µm infinite value should have been 0.944 instead of 0.994.


Version 2.0.2, 2012 March:


       S18.24 added to Appendix A.


Version 2.0.1, 2011 June:


Reference to Krick et al. added to Section 4.11.5.                        


Version 2.0, 2011 April:


Discussion about artifact mitigation was added to Chapter 5 (5.3).


       A new processing version S18.18 BCD FITS header replaced the old header file in  Appendix D.


Discussion of a few new header keywords, including timing keywords and bad data value keywords, was added in Section 6.2.


The file names in Table 6.1 were updated.


Added information about warm mission persistent images and edited the information on the  cryogenic mission persistent images in Section 7.2.8.


Added information about the effect of very deep surface brightness level observations in Section 4.11.


Added an Index at the end of the document.


Version 1.0, 2010 February:


The first version of the IRAC Instrument Handbook, which includes information from the old IRAC Data Handbook, the old IRAC Pipeline Description Document, the cryogenic Spitzer Observer’s Manual (SOM), and Spitzer Science Center web pages. 




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