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IRS Instrument Handbook

5.7  Description of Modules in the Spectral Extraction Pipeline

This pipeline consists of four modules: PROFILE, RIDGE, EXTRACT, and IRS_TUNE. See Figure 5.10. It may operate on the outputs of: (i) the BCD pipeline; (ii) the 2-dimensional coadder pipeline; or (iii) the background-subtraction pipeline. In the following description, reference is made to the BCD pipeline file names when listing input files (BCD, uncertainty, and mask files) for extraction pipeline modules. The equivalent files from the 2-dimensional coadder or the background subtraction pipelines may be substituted as inputs to the modules in this section.

Figure 5.10 Extraction Pipeline flowchart. The Extraction Pipeline runs after the BCD Pipeline and extracts one-dimensional spectra from two-dimensional slope images. The input of the thread is a two-dimensional BCD image in FITS format. The output from the thread is a table file containing the extracted spectrum. The thread also takes mask and uncertainty files as input, and propagates uncertainties and status flags into the output table.