Spitzer Documentation & Tools
IRS Instrument Handbook

Chapter 8.    Introduction to Data Analysis

This chapter provides an overview of the data reduction procedures that a typical user should follow for both spectroscopic and imaging observations made with the IRS.  Please see the Data Analysis & Tools page for further information and examples.

8.1  Summary of Data Reduction Software

Several software tools are available for the reduction of Spitzer IRS data.  These include CUPID, SPICE, SMART, CUBISM, IRSCLEAN, DARKSETTLE, IRSFRINGE, PAHFIT, and MOPEX.  Each of these tools is described in detail on the Data Analysis & Tools page.  Briefly, CUPID allows users to run the Spitzer IRS pipelines to re-create BCD files from the archived raw files.  SPICE is an interface to the extraction pipeline and it executes the pipeline modules in order, allowing the user to select the source and type of extraction for IRS staring mode data.  SMART can also be used for staring mode spectral extraction and additionally allows the user to fit spectral lines.  CUBISM is a tool for creating and analyzing spectral cubes from observations made in IRS Mapping Mode.  IRSCLEAN removes bad pixels from 2D spectral images (see Section 7.2.2).  DARKSETTLE allows users to remove time-dependent charge (see Section 7.4.1).  IRSFRINGE allows users to remove spectral fringing (see Section 7.3.7). PAHFIT is a tool for fitting PAH spectral features in IRS spectra. Finally, MOPEX is a tool for mosaicking and performing photometry on Spitzer imaging data, including IRS red and blue peak-up images.