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IRS Instrument Handbook

Appendix A.         Version Log

Version 5.0, December 2011:

       Added Chapter 9: IRS Enhanced Spectrophotometic Products

Version 4.0, March 2011:

       Updated Table 4.4 through Table 4.10.

       Added Section 8.2.3 on Transit or Eclipse Spectra.

       Revised several caveats in Chapter 7.

       Added Table 6.2, which lists the number of reads per ramptime available for each module.

Version 3.0, January 2011:

Updated to describe S18.18.

Order of appendices changed to match order of references in text.

Removed references to obsolete software LEOPARD in favor or the Spitzer Heritage Archive.

Added examination of correlation between 14 micron teardrop strength and source flux to Chapter 7.

Clarified which outputs described in Chapter 5 are available in the Spitzer Heritage Archive, and which can be generated by running CUPID.

Version 2.0, September 2010:

Section 1.3 (IRS Essentials) has been updated to include all IRS operating modes.

Chapter 2 (Instrument Description) has been re-organized.  Example IRS Data has been moved to Chapter 6 (Data Products).

Included information about signal-to-noise ratio for very long exposure times and link to Teplitz et al. 2007 paper in Section 2.10.2.

Added PSF/PRF Sections (Sections 4.2.3 and 4.2.4).  This complements the new files provided in the IRS Calibration and Analysis Files section of the website.

Added a translation table between header keywords FOVID and FOVNAME in Section 6.6.4.

Moved example header from Chapter 6 to Appendix D.

Added Appendix E (a list of Figures) and 0 (a list of Tables).

Clarified several figures, including 2.2, 6.9, 6.4, 6.5.

Version 1.0, February 2009: 

The first version of the IRS Instrument Handbook, which includes information from the IRS Data Handbook, the Cryogenic Spitzer Observerís Manual, the IRS Pipeline Description Document, and the Spitzer Science Center webpages.  This version describes IRS pipeline version S18.7.