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MIPS Instrument Handbook


Appendix F.       List of Tables

Table 2.1: MIPS principal optical parameters.

Table 2.2: MIPS spectral response summary.

Table 2.3: Optical distortion in MIPS.

Table 2.4: MIPS Si:As BIB array performance characteristics.

Table 2.5: MIPS Ge:Ga array performance characteristics.

Table 2.6: Conversion from point source sensitivity to extended source sensitivity.

Table 2.7: MIPS saturation levels.

Table 2.8: MIPS 24 μm point-source saturation level expressions including sky.

Table 2.9: MIPS 24 micron soft saturation levels.

Table 3.1: Source positions for 24 μm compact source photometry

Table 3.2: Source positions for 24 μm large source photometry.

Table 3.3: Source positions for 70 μm default pixel scale compact source photometry.

Table 3.4: MIPS Photometry and Super-Resolution Summary.

Table 3.5: Total single-pass MIPS scan map integration time per pixel and overscan time.

Table 3.6: Approximate overhead factors for MIPS photometry/super-resolution.

Table 4.1: A Representative Sample of Calibrators Used.

Table 4.2: Flux densities (Jy) of primary MIPS calibrators at 10.6 micron; rms error of 2% in final adopted value.

Table 4.3: Column-wise Correction Factors to IC.

Table 4.4: Mean Spectral Response Function.

Table 4.5: Aperture Corrections.

Table 4.6: Timeline of MIPS/SED IPP File Updates.

Table 4.7: Estimated Pointing Offsets.

Table 4.8: Error Budget for Flux Calibration of Extended Sources.

Table 4.9: Sizes of MIPS pixels for MIPS BCD and post-BCD products.

Table 4.10: Conversion from instrumental units to MJy/sr.

Table 4.11: Changes in Conversion Factor with Pipeline.

Table 4.12: Magnitude zero points.

Table 4.13: 24 micron aperture corrections for 10,000 K Blackbody.

Table 4.14: Aperture corrections for 70 microns.

Table 4.15: Aperture corrections for 160 microns.

Table 4.16: Nominal color corrections vs. blackbody source temperature.

Table 4.17: Nominal color corrections for power laws.

Table 6.1: Complete list of file types for MIPS-24.

Table 6.2: Complete list of file types for MIPS-70 and MIPS-160.

Table 6.3: Prime and non-prime data.

Table 6.4: Some Important Post-BCD Files for MIPS/SED.

Table 6.5: Bad pixels in 24 micron array.

Table 6.6: BCD bit mask definitions for 24 microns found in bbmsk.fits or ebmsk.fits files.

Table 6.7: Bit mask definitions for Ge data.

Table A.1: Acronyms used in this manual.