SSC Reionization to Exoplanets:
Spitzer's Growing Legacy
26-28 October 2009, Pasadena, CA
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Conference Schedule

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Sunday 25 Oct 2009
5:00 - 7:00 PMOpening Reception and Check-in in the Hilton Arcade, in front of the International Ballroom
Monday 26 Oct 2009
7:00 AMCheck-in in the Hilton Arcade, in front of the International Ballroom
8:00 AMIntroductory Remarks
Exoplanets and Exoplanetary Systems
8:30 AMH. KnutsonProperties of Exoplanetary Systems: A Spitzer Portrait Gallery
9:15 AMA. BurrowsModels for Exoplanets
9:45 AMG. LaughlinThermal and Dynamical Properties of Exoplanet Atmospheres
10:15 AMBreak
10:45 AMG. TinettiAtmospheric Composition and Structure of Hot Jupiters
11:15 AMC. LisseComparative Mid-Infrared Mineralogy: Clues to the Origins and Evolution of Solar Systems
12:00 PMLunch
Star Formation
1:30 PMN. EvansThe First Stage of Star Formation: Cores to Disks
2:15 PMJ. NajitaNew Views on Gas in the Planet Formation Region of Disks
2:45 PML. HartmannDisk Structure and Evolution
3:15 PMBreak
4:00 PMS. RaymondPlanet Formation from PMS Disks
4:45 PMG. Rieke, K. SuDebris Disks - From Spitzer to Herschel and Beyond
Tuesday 27 Oct 2009
The Dusty Universe
8:30 AMD. WeedmanInfrared Spectra of Dusty Galaxies to z>2
9:00 AMR. GenzelLIRGs to Submm Galaxies: Evolution with Redshift
9:45 AML. HernquistGrowing Supermassive Black Holes and Bulges Behind a Veil of Dust
10:15 AMBreak
10:45 AMD. CalzettiNearby Galaxies
11:30 AMP. CapakDusty Galaxies at the Highest Redshifts-how to find them and what they mean
12:00 PMLunch
The Early Universe/td>
1:30 PMM. DickinsonThe History of Star Formation
2:15 PMG. FazioYoung Galaxies as Seen by Spitzer, Cold and Warm
2:45 PMR. SomervilleTheories of Structure Growth: Confrontation with Observation
3:30 PMBreak
4:15 PMC. MarastonStellar Populations and Masses of Galaxies at High Redshifts
4:45 PMR. EllisThe Early Universe in 2010 and Beyond
6:00 PMConference Banquet at the Twin Palms restaurant
Wednesday 28 Oct 2009
The Galaxy
8:30 AMR. BenjaminThe Milky Way and Its Neighbors: What's New?
9:15 AMB. DraineNew Views of the ISM from Spitzer Space Telescope
10:00 AMBreak
Summary Talks
10:30 AMD. CharbonneauExoplanets - From Hot Jupiters to Habitable Earths
11:00 AMM. WernerGalactic Astronomy
11:30 AMP. McCarthySpitzer's Contributions to Extragalactic Astronomy
12:00 PMLunch
Frank Low and the Development of Infrared Astronomy
1:30 PMG. RiekeThe Beginnings, Groundbased Astronomy
2:00 PMB. HoffmannThe Galactic Center, starting IR Labs
2:25 PMD. HarperEarly airborne astronomy
2:50 PMC. BeichmanIRAS
3:15 PME. YoungAdvances in IR technology
3:40 PMM. WernerSpitzer
4:05 PMReception
4:30 - 9:00 PMGriffith Observatory Trip