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Event Event date
Standing on the Wings of SOFIA: AAS Meeting in a Meeting -
SOFIA School 2023 -
SOFIA at the 241st AAS Meeting -
Signatures of AGN Feedback: The Post-SOFIA Era -
SOFIA at the 240th AAS Meeting -
Synergies within the infrared archive: Investigating the electron density distribution in low metallicity environment -
Using SOFIA to Connect Astronomical Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons to their Physical Environment Conditions -
SOFIA synergies with the CARS multi-wavelength data -
Multifrequency high spectral resolution observations of HCN toward the circumstellar envelope (CSE) of Y Canum Venaticorum (Y CVn) -
The rate, Amplitude, and Duration of Outbursts from Class 0 Protostars in Orion using Spitzer, WISE, SOFIA, and Herschel -
SOFIA Archival Research Program - what you need to know -
Pipeline Week: FIFI-LS -
Pipeline Week: HAWC+ -
Pipeline Week: FORCAST Grism -
Pipeline Week: Introduction to the SOFIA Processing Pipeline -
Signal, Noise and Artifacts in FORCAST Images -
Our Galactic Ecosystem: Opportunities and Diagnostics in the Infrared and Beyond -
SOFIA School 2022: Understanding mid and far-IR data -
239th Meeting - American Astronomical Society - SOFIA -
Evolved Stars and their Circumstellar Environments -
The Future of Airborne Infrared/Submm Astronomy: Instrument Solutions -
The Future of Airborne Infrared/Submm Astronomy: Prospects and Opportunities -
Mapping the surfaces properties of icy and rocky Solar System worlds
Tracing the formation and evolution of planetary debris disks with multiwavelength approaches
The Force Awakens: How a Growing Black Hole Affects its Host Galaxy
Accretion outburst from a massive protostar: a sequence of extraordinary observational results
Magnetic Fields and the Structure of the Filamentary Interstellar Medium -
Far-infrared Ionized Carbon Emission: the Missing Piece of the ISM Puzzle
Extragalactic magnetism with ALMA and SOFIA
SOFIA at the 238th AAS Virtual Meeting -
Southern Sources with EXES/SOFIA: A Community Chat -
Rock, Dust and Ice: Interpreting planetary data -
SOFIA at the 237th AAS Meeting -
AGU Session: SOFIA, An Asset for Planetary Science -
Introducing Dual-Anonymous Review for SOFIA proposals -
Building the SOFIA Instrument Roadmap Workshop II -
Building the SOFIA 2020-2025 Instrument Roadmap -
SOFIA at the 236th AAS Meeting -
SOFIA at the 235th AAS Meeting -
SOFIA Proposal Tools Webinar -
SOFIA Science on Tour -
SOFIA at the 233rd AAS Meeting -
2018 SOFIA Community Days -
German SOFIA Workshop 2018 -
Next Generation Science Instrument Pre-proposal Workshops -
Far Infrared Next Generation Instrumentation Community Workshop
FIFI-LS Workshop
The Local Truth: Star-Formation and Feedback in the SOFIA Era -- Celebrating 50 Years of Airborne Astronomy -
SOFIA Community Day at Arizona -
XXIX IAU Splinter session: SOFIA Mission Status and Science Update
2015 SOFIA Observers' Workshop -
Ringberg Workshop on Spectroscopy with the Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy (SOFIA) -
SOFIA at the 225th AAS Meeting -
SOFIA Splinter Session, AAS 224 -
SOFIA Splinter Session, AAS 223 -
SOFIA at the 221st AAS Meeting -
SOFIA Splinter Session, AAS 220
SOFIA at the 219th AAS Meeting -
SOFIA Workshop 2011 -
SOFIA at the 218th AAS Meeting -
SOFIA at the 217th AAS Meeting -
DPS 2010 Workshop
Scientific Opportunities for New Instrumentation -
SOFIA at the 215th AAS Meeting -
SOFIA at the 214th AAS Meeting -
SOFIA at the 213th AAS Meeting -
SOFIA at the 212th AAS Meeting -
SOFIA at the 211th AAS Meeting -
SOFIA's 2020 Vision -