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Spitzer Data Analysis Cookbook

Table of Contents

Purpose of this Document

Important Documentation.

Recipe 1.      Downloading Data from the Spitzer Heritage Archive.

Recipe 2.      Downloading Data from the Spitzer Heritage Archive - A Detailed Example.

Recipe 3.      MOPEX: Mosaic IRAC S-COSMOS Data.

Recipe 4.      MOPEX: Mosaic IRAC Galactic FLS Data.

Recipe 5.      MOPEX: IRAC Mosaic of the galaxy NGC1097.

Recipe 6.      MOPEX:  Making an IRAC Array Location Dependent Correction Mosaic.

Recipe 7.      MOPEX/APEX: Point Source Photometry from IRAC Images.

Recipe 8.      Bandmerge: A How-To Example.

Recipe 9.      Spitzer Synthetic Photometry.

Recipe 10.         CUBISM: Spectrum Extraction of M51.

Recipe 11.         Dark_Settle: Correct Dark Currents for HR 6606.

Recipe 12.         SPICE: Command-line Extraction of HH 46/47.

Recipe 13.         IRSFRINGE: Remove fringes in data of HH 46/47.

Recipe 14.         SPICE: Spectrum Extraction of NGC4579.

Recipe 15.         SPICE: Spectrum Extraction of HH 46/47.

Recipe 16.         SPICE: Spectrum Extraction for Comet S-W 1.

Recipe 17.         SPICE: Spectrum Extraction of ultradeep IRS data.

Recipe 18.         IRSCLEAN, COAD, and SPICE: Mrk 273 LH Data.

Recipe 19.         SMART: General Steps for Extracting Staring Mode Spectra.

Recipe 20.         SMART screen shot recipe.

Recipe 21.         MOPEX: Mosaic of MIPS data for HII 173.

Recipe 22.         MOPEX/APEX: MIPS 24um mosaic of a z=0.7 cluster.

Recipe 23.         MOPEX: PRF Estimation and Point-Source Extraction.

Recipe 24.         MOPEX: MIPS 24 micron data from MIPSGAL

Recipe 25.         MOPEX: MIPS 70 micron mosaic of HII 173.

Recipe 26.         MOPEX/APEX: MIPS 70um photometry of HII 173.

Recipe 27.         MOPEX: MIPS 70 microns mosaic of the GFLS.

Recipe 28.         MOPEX/APEX: Point-Source Photometry at 70um

Recipe 29.         GeRT: Bad Stim Flash Correction in MIPS-70 data.

Recipe 30.         GeRT: Filter Extended Sources in MIPS-70 data.

Recipe 31.         GeRT: Correct Mild Saturation in MIPS-70 data.

Appendix A.        Version Log.