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Downloading Bandmerge

Bandmerge is distributed as a tar file containing the software, example parameter files (namelists) and sample data. Supported platforms are currently Solaris 10+, MacOSX 10.3+ and Linux RedHat 8+.

Solaris 10+: bandmerge18_0-solaris.tar.gz
Linux RedHat 8+: bandmerge18_0-linux.tar.gz
MacOSX 10.3+: bandmerge18_0-mac.tar.gz

Once you have downloaded the tar file for your operating system, move it to an empty directory and unpack it, e.g.:

unix% tar xvfz bandmerge18_0-linux.tar.gz

The Bandmerge environment variables must be set up as follows:

  1. Edit bandmerge.csh to set the installation path BANDMERGE_INSTALLATION to the current working directory (pwd) e.g. if Bandmerge was unpacked in /home/joe/bandmerge, then you should set the following in bandmerge.csh:
    setenv BANDMERGE_INSTALLATION /home/joe/bandmerge
  2. Ensure that PERL_PATH in the same file is set to your Perl installation path
  3. Running csh (not bash), source the setup file:
    unix% source bandmerge.csh
  4. Bandmerge can now be called from the command line, e.g.:
    unix% bandmerge.pl -n bandmerge.nl