Spitzer Documentation & Tools
MOPEX is the SSC's package for reducing and analyzing imaging data, as well as MIPS SED data
SPICE - Spitzer IRS Custom Extraction software - SSC software for extracting IRS spectra.
GeRT - offline data reduction of Spitzer MIPS-Ge (70um and 160um) data.
CUBISM - a tool for construction spectral cubes, maps and 1D spectral extractions from Spitzer IRS data.
IRSFRINGE - a tool to remove fringing from Spitzer IRS spectra.
IRSCLEAN - a tool for creating bad pixel masks from Spitzer IRS BCD data.
dark_settle for Spitzer Long-Hi data that exhibit bowing of spectral orders.
The IDL procedures coad.pro and doall_coads.pro both combine Spitzer IRS BCDs.
Bandmerge is a software package developed at the Spitzer Science Center. It is designed to take in ASCII tables of positions and fluxes of detected astronomical sources in 2-7 different wavebands, and write out a single table of the merged data.